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Content marketing strategy

Track advertising campaigns and keep track of your marketing initiatives. Use template Preview

Content marketing is a popular approach in marketing and it is hard to imagine day-to-day business without it. After all, many communication activities are carried out via social media and company blogs. Those who do not play along here miss out on great growth opportunities. In contrast to classic advertising, content marketing is not about selling something directly to customers, but about informing them about a product or a brand.

A good content marketing strategy is very important these days to get noticed among the many other companies in the market. Delivering good content and posting interesting stories is sometimes just as important for companies as advertising campaigns. Our template provides an excellent basis for your content planning, where you can manage ideas, plan articles, create personas and include SEO. This way, you will no longer miss an important topic, your postings will appear on time and your strategy will be stringent and well thought-out.

Interactive template

Scroll through our interactively embedded template or read the description by clicking on the i symbol after the template name. This will give you a better feel for the functions. If you have any questions or require further information, we recommend our blog article and the help section.