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Baby shower

A baby on the way? You should celebrate it properly! Use template Preview

A baby is on the way and you want to celebrate in style? Make planning easier for yourself with the SeaTable baby shower planner. Keep track of your guests, their wishes and the many tasks that need to be done.

Invite friends and relatives via the web form and have them enter all the relevant information for the party. The completed forms are transferred to the first table as new rows and provide you with an overview of your guests (Table 1). Record all tasks that arise and give guests the opportunity to support you in the planning and execution of the party (table 2). The calendar plugin also offers an intuitive time-based display of tasks.

At a baby shower, the parents-to-be are traditionally presented with gifts. Compile these in a table so that your guests can decide on a suitable gift (table 3). You can find more information on how to make your baby shower a success with suitable decorations, fun party games and sweet food in our blog article.