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Product launch

Keep track of everything you need to organise before the official start. Use template Preview

A successful product launch is the result of long, hard work. For the market and your customers, it looks like a rocket launch that doesn't take long - but for yourself, this launch has taken a long time. The product launch is a long-term process that includes the entire period of conceptualisation, development and marketing.

In order for you to keep track of individual development stages throughout the process and also for all your employees to know what still needs to be done, a structured overview with all data is helpful. Our template helps you to control all processes running in parallel and to reduce the complexity of tasks to a minimum.

Assign a responsible person to all product specifications who can regularly update the status of the various measures. A long-term organisation of marketing measures combined with the development status of the products is thus possible without problems.

Find out how your product launch is guaranteed to work with SeaTable in our blog article.

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