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Kevin from SeaTable

Kevin from SeaTable

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  • Maps (Plugin)
  • Page design (plugin)
  • Timeline (Plugin)
  • Gallery (Plugin)
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Event Management

This tool allows you to keep an eye on all the important details when planning your event. Use template Preview

Whether you are planning concerts, festivals or trade fairs - good organization is a must for every event. It doesn't matter whether you are organizing an event for the first time or are an experienced event manager.

Structured event management is the cornerstone of any successful event, but conventional tables, calendars or tools are often no longer sufficient for organization. This is where SeaTable comes in: In our template, you can collect and manage all the data relating to your events: organize appearances with an artist database that you can design as a clear photo gallery and display the locations of your events on a map.

Create a link to a web form that participants can use to register for your events. After submitting the registration, the information will then appear in your table - completely automatically and without the hassle of manual entry. With the page design plugin, you can also easily create invoices and send them to participants' email addresses at the touch of a button. Record and calculate your costs and income by adding as many number and formula columns as you like to your event plan.