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Customer feedback

Encourage your customers to give you real, profitable feedback. Use template Preview

Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established company: Customer feedback should always be high on the agenda. After all, who knows best what makes your product stand out and where there is still room for improvement? That's right, your customers! The voice of your customers helps you to constantly improve your product and also serves as a marketing tool. Listen to your customers' voices, so they feel valued and heard. 

With this template, you get a tool that you can add to your website or anywhere else with just a few clicks and get feedback from your customers via a web form. 

We have created some common customer feedback templates for you, but of course you can also create your very own questionnaires using our spreadsheet and embed them on your channels using the web form.

Your collected customer feedback automatically appears in your base and can then be evaluated with the help of our statistics functions. 

In our blog article, we explain in detail how to create your own web forms, make them available to your customers and then evaluate them.