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Management of leave requests

Keep full control over your employees' leave requests. Use template Preview

Managing the holiday applications of your employees can sometimes be quite tedious. Especially with manual applications or administration via Excel tables, it quickly becomes confusing and you don't know whether absences are duplicated or how many days of leave your employees still have left. To avoid losing track of this, you need comprehensive software that makes it easier for you to manage the applications.

With our SeaTable template for leave applications, you have everything covered from application to approval. Your employees submit their request via the integrated web form and the data immediately appears in your base, visible only to you. You will receive an automatic notification for each new entry. You can then edit the requests with the Kanban board and easily recognise data duplications in the calendar plug-in. Then decide whether to approve or reject the request.

Your employees will then receive a notification about the status change of their request. They can see all their leave requests in their own shared view (the extended shares are features of the Plus and Enterprise versions of SeaTable). Privacy regarding other employees' requests is therefore fully given and guaranteed by the individual views. In our blog post, we explained in detail how to create your own views and share them individually.