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Our template will give you an overview of the essentials for your emergency supply. Use template Preview

SeaTable's stockpile planner, which can be customized to your individual circumstances, helps you prepare ideally for future emergency situations.

Keep track of all the products you want to store in your stock. Through different views you can arrange the data according to your wishes. For example, sort the food by best-before date so you can use it wisely before it expires. The calendar helps you keep track of all expiration dates. Or sort by the difference between the items you have and the number you need, so you know how much replenishment you should buy.

In the linked table, enter the people for whom you are creating your emergency supply. Try to pay attention to calorie requirements, allergies and preferences. The quantities of food in your stock should be based on these. You should also not forget special products, for example for pets. For more information on how to adapt your emergency stockpile to your household and what you should keep in mind when stockpiling, read our blog article.