Welcome to SeaTable

Whether you want to organise data or map a new business process, SeaTable will help you. Learn the basics now to work faster and easier in a team on your tasks, projects or ideas.

Start with a base

A Base in SeaTable organizes all information about a topic, task or process.

You can use a base for the following, for example:

  • Plan a project
  • Search for new employees
  • Monitor a marketing campaign
  • Manage the licences in your company

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Structure your first table

When you open a Base, you see one or more tables. Before you can enter data, you have to add more table columns.

For example, a project plan needs the following columns:

  • Single selection for the status
  • Date for the due date
  • Employees for the person in charge

Add first project tasks

All projects consist of many small steps. Add all the tasks that come to mind.

Tasks that are successfully completed are usually:

  • clearly described
  • subject to a time limit
  • known to the person responsible

Link your tables

One of SeaTable's greatest strengths is its ability to relate tables to each other. Try it out right away.

Meaningful links between tables:

  • Milestones for a project
  • Employees of a company
  • Invoices from a customer
  • Students to classes

Create a new view

Display only the tasks that have been assigned to you and group them according to your projects. You can save this view as a view.

A view saves the following settings:

  • Filter
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Hidden columns
  • Colourings
  • Column height

Activate a plugin

In many situations, another form of presentation can be helpful. Activate the Kanban plugin.

SeaTable knows these and other plugins:

  • Calendar
  • Gallery
  • Timeline
  • World map
  • Kanban

Share your tables, views or bases

With an external link, another person can take a look at your data. They do not need a SeaTable account.

The external link offers the following setting options:

  • Expiry date
  • Password request
  • Random or self-selected URL

Invite other team members

In SeaTable you work together as a team. As a team leader, you can create new team members.

This is how you get to the team management:

  • Avatar image top right
  • Organisation administration
  • User
  • Add

Set permissions

Sometimes you want to prohibit changes to the structure or data. With permissions, you can specify exactly that.

Permissions can be set here:

  • Base
  • Table
  • View
  • Column

Create a web form

New records do not necessarily have to be entered manually. Create a web form to easily enter new records.

Highlights of the web forms in SeaTable:

  • Creation via visual editor
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Access control
  • Access via URL or QR code

Get notified

Life becomes easier when you know what is happening. Let SeaTable inform you when a certain event occurs.

SeaTable can monitor the following triggers:

  • Reaching a deadline
  • Changed records
  • Changes in a special column
  • Filter conditions for monitored columns

Create an automation

Automate recurring tasks and activities. This saves you time and effort.

You can trigger these actions in SeaTable:

  • Changerow
  • Addrow
  • Lock entry
  • Send notification
  • Send e-mail

Build complex processes

Connect SeaTable to all your favourite apps to create automated workflows.

SeaTable offers the following integrations:

  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • n8n

Have fun!

You now know the basics of SeaTable and can start to map your business processes with it.


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