SeaTable 1.0 released! Linking of tables and support of the European number format

We are pleased to announce that SeaTable 1.0 is finally ready!

The main difference between SeaTable and Excel-like spreadsheet applications is that SeaTable works with rows and allows linking rows of different tables. In this version we improve the function to link rows by adding two functions: "lookup" and "rollup". Lookup shows a specific column of a linked row, rollup shows the summary of the linked rows. These two functions enable advanced use cases for databases. The details can be found on this manual page.

The most important changes

  • You can create several columns in the same table to link the same other table
  • Support for the use of function columns for grouping, filtering and sorting
  • You can specify the decimal separator and the thousands separator for number columns (e.g. 100,000,000.00 in the European way).

Further improvements and corrections

  • The summary column at the bottom of the page can show the average, minimum and maximum of the corresponding columns
  • Support for using a custom URL for external links
  • The support setting expires and the password for invitation links
  • Support for adding images in comments
  • Display image thumbnails in the file column
  • Supports dragging and dropping multiple files in the file column
  • Support uses arrows to select an item in a selection column, a multiple selection column, a collaborator column and a link column
  • Other corrections to the user interface
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Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger
Christoph is the founder and technical managing director of SeaTable GmbH. He is responsible for all internal IT at SeaTable and loves new and exciting challenges. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring foreign cities with his family or playing the occasional computer game.