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Cleaning plan

Create a cleaning schedule to get your chores done efficiently and divide up tasks. Use template Preview

If you live with several people under one roof, you know it: Dirty dishes pile up in the sink and hair and dust collect in the bathroom - but nobody feels responsible for it and the annoying work remains. SeaTable's customizable cleaning schedule helps you put an end to the chaos and keep your household clean.

See at a glance what tasks you and your roommates need to complete. Increase motivation by clearly assigning tasks to a responsible person and setting a deadline. Using a web form, you and your roommates can easily record completed tasks in the 'task overview' table. Through different views SeaTable allows you to structure the table according to your needs. For example, view only your own tasks by filtering by the person responsible.

In the linked table you will keep track of your roommates and fair distribution of tasks. When making changes to your cleaning schedule, try to keep in mind your roommates' favorite tasks and time availability so that there are no problems when completing them. In a statistic you can illustrate how many tasks everyone has already completed, and in the calendar you can keep track of all deadlines.

For more information on how to perfectly adapt your cleaning schedule to your household and what to look out for, check out our blog article.