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Philipp from SeaTable

Philipp from SeaTable

Marketing Manager




  • Advanced statistics (plugin)
  • Maps (Plugin)
  • Timeline (Plugin)
  • Web form
  • Statistics
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Views
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Branch management

Manage your branches and their operations with this template. Use template Preview

Our branch management template makes it easier for you to manage your branches. The template helps you to optimise processes between the individual branches and the head office. It makes your work clearer and more efficient. It makes it easier for your sales managers to evaluate and improve individual stores and gives you an overview of the turnover and geographical sales strength of all shops.

POS material can be easily ordered by your staff via a web form and training for your staff can also be easily planned. Of course, you can also adapt all our specifications, change them and add new ones to the existing template. 

In our article you will learn how to use the template exactly and which features you can expect.