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Template from

Christoph from SeaTable

Christoph from SeaTable

Founder of SeaTable


  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Views
  • Web form
  • Automations
  • Python scripts
  • Sorting
  • Notifications
  • Kanban (Plugin)
  • Release authorisations
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Feature requests

Allow your customers to suggest new features for your software. Use template Preview

When you develop software solutions, you typically want to allow your users to make development suggestions, feature requests or give feedback on the development. Instead of doing this uncoordinated in a chat or forum, many companies use tools like canny.io, fider.io, nolt.io or upvoty.com where users can suggest new features and usually also comment and rate them.

These solutions can be set up quickly, but they are usually comparatively expensive and difficult to integrate into your own processes. Statistical evaluations and detailed analyses are included with some of these services, but they drive up the price even more. An automatic comparison with one's own development roadmap is difficult to realise because these tools stand alone.

With this template you get the basic framework of your own customer feedback tool, which you can adapt to your individual needs. On YouTube you can also find a video of how I built this tool in less than an hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqtyeRL2qiY.