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Working time recording

Quickly and easily record working hours, vacation requests and sick leave in the team. Use template Preview

Would you like to implement the EU's mandatory working time recording in your company? Then discover our sophisticated template for simple, efficient and legally compliant working time recording. With Enterprise subscription, the template is fully available to you at no additional cost, but you can also use the template (without automations) with Plus subscription or a free Free account.

In the first table of Base all working times, vacation requests and sick notes of your employees flow in. There are four overarching admin views that give you a full overview of all the attendances and absences of your team members. In the second table, you enter all relevant employee data. It is important that you assign a unique ID to each team member, which can be used to filter the personal views. You can learn everything about this in our explanatory video on YouTube.

In an employee app built with SeaTable, you can make data entry intuitive and user-friendly by having your employees enter work hours, vacation requests, and sick leave in web forms. In doing so, you can provide the input fields with specific instructions to guide those completing them safely through the process.

As your employees fill out the web forms, SeaTable adds new entries to the appropriate tables, which the responsible manager can then approve or reject in a management app. On your dashboard, you can include statistics that allow you and your managers to keep track of all your employees' overtime, vacation and sick leave. Calendars also allow you to display data in a calendar overview.

Of course, you can use many more features of SeaTable to develop your own application for time tracking in your company, completely according to your wishes. The template can be extended by any number of tables and columns based on the employee database, for example for payroll, internal training and shift schedules. Revolutionize your HR management with SeaTable! You can find more on the topic of working time recording here.