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Forget time clocks, time sheets and Excel spreadsheets for recording working hours. Expensive software solutions don't have to be either. With SeaTable you simplify the recording of working time in your company and reduce the effort for vacation requests and sick notes - free of charge, efficient, intuitive, clear and flexibly adaptable to your individual needs.

Management app for working time recording

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Free time tracking with SeaTable Cloud Free

Free registration and use

High user-friendliness and easy to understand.

Simple working time recording for your employees

Security from the cloud with SeaTable

Secure data storage in the cloud

Comprehensive dashboards and overviews

Flexibly adaptable to your own needs

Individual customization according to your wishes

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Around the world, companies and institutions of all sizes rely on SeaTable:

Record working times quickly and easily

With SeaTable, your employees record working hours in personal working time accounts that are linked to a central database. A custom-fit form in the employee app is filled out in a few seconds - minimal administrative effort with maximum user-friendliness!

Working time recording via web form in the employee app
Employee vacation requests in the working time recording app

Vacation requests and sick leave

In addition to recording working hours, your employees can also easily submit vacation requests and sickness notifications using web forms. The data then flows into clearly designed tables, where your managers can approve or reject them.

All figures at a glance

In the management app, you and your managers can overview all the figures and statistics on working time recording on a dashboard. There you can also see when your employees have taken vacation or been absent due to illness.

Management dashboard in the working time recording app
Create team member in the working time recording app

Employee database in the background

As a basis for your working time recording, you can use a database in which you store all information about your employees. It is important that you assign a unique ID to each employee, with which the personal views are filtered.

5 steps to record working time

The first steps to recording working time

In this video, we explain the working time tracking template and go over the main steps and functions.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the use of our time sheet template is free with SeaTable Free. This subscription will be assigned to you automatically when you register new in SeaTable. With an Enterprise subscription, you also have access to convenient automations that can save you a lot of manual clicks. You can learn more about this in our explanatory video on YouTube.

Yes, employers in Germany are already required to record overtime and Sunday work under the current Working Hours Act. In addition, the European Court of Justice ruled in May 2019 that companies in the EU must record all of their employees' working hours. The Federal Labor Court confirmed this in its ruling of September 13, 2022. The question of whether employers must record working hours has therefore been decided. (Source: tagesschau.de)

The Federal Ministry of Labor intends to answer the question of how working time must be recorded in the future in a draft law before the end of 2023 (see next question).

Currently, the recording of working hours is not bound to a specific form and can take place both electronically and in writing on paper. This is to change in the future. A draft law of the Federal Ministry of Labor states: The beginning, end and duration of daily working time must be recorded electronically and, as a rule, on the same day.

Yes, with SeaTable your employees can record working hours electronically and on a daily basis in an online database. All they need is an email address and an Internet connection.

With our working time recording template, you create a separate working time account for each employee, in which overtime, working hours, vacations and sick days are clearly visible. This allows you to meet all current requirements and, if necessary, you can flexibly adapt your solution to new requirements or changes in the legal situation. Why not try it out right now!

Recruiting, interviews, training, shift schedules - HR departments around the world use SeaTable to make their processes and workflows more efficient. Because SeaTable is flexible and customizable, you can use it for almost anything your team needs. There's sure to be something for you among our templates.

Definitely! Many teams work with external service providers such as recruiters and agencies in SeaTable. You can invite them into a Base or share only individual views to give them access to very specific data from your team. You define which permissions you assign and can control which people can see and edit which data in your SeaTable Base.

We're here to help and advise you on whether and how you can profitably use SeaTable for your use case. If you want to learn more about how SeaTable works for larger teams and companies, or if you are interested in a paid subscription, you can contact our sales team. Otherwise, our help section is the best place to go for questions of any kind.

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