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Inventory list

Simplify your inventory by creating a smart list of all assets. Use template Preview

Merchants and companies are obliged to carry out an inventory every year. This involves recording all assets in an inventory list. This is important, for example, in warehouse logistics and for balance sheet accounting.

With the free template from SeaTable, you can always keep an eye on your inventory. The inventory list covers the following points:

  • a brief description of the object
  • Type and category
  • the counted quantity
  • the condition
  • the current value
  • the storage location
  • the time of recording

In addition, each item is given a unique number as soon as you enter it in the inventory list. If still available, you can also attach the receipt or invoice and state the date of purchase and the unit price at the time.

Visualizing and evaluating data is child's play in SeaTable. You can create statistics, use plugins for visualization or filter, sort and group the data using views. You can also work with formulas in the 'Overview' table to display or summarize values from the linked inventory list.