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CRM & Sales

Manage your customers and your sales orders - in one place. Use template Preview

Welcome to the CRM & Sales template! This template makes it easy for you to organise your customers, build a sales pipeline and document all relevant interactions.

This template was developed for a fictitious design team to get a complete overview of its clients, offers and sales. This team works for clients from different industries and would like to know at any time what interactions have taken place between the team and the clients.

The team uses SeaTable to track their clients after they have expressed great interest in the services they offer. This basis helps the team to guide clients through their workflow. This is done by defining different project phases and creating multiple views to have a task management, onboarding and CRM tool in one interface.

Interactive template

Scroll through our interactively embedded template or read the description by clicking on the i symbol after the template name. This will give you a better feel for the functions. If you have any doubts or questions, our help section is at your disposal.