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Digital health record

Keep your health data and documents to hand so that doctors know what to do in an emergency. Use template Preview

Our template for the digital health record shows you how to easily record all your health data and documents so that you and your doctors always have an overview. Summarize the essentials in an overview (Table 1) so that new doctors can see at a glance what is relevant for your treatment. For example, add a picture, your gender and age, the most important pre-existing conditions, emergency contacts and your decision to donate organs.

The second table goes into more detail about the illnesses you have already had or been diagnosed with. Make a note of the illness, which part of the body is affected, when and how you have been treated and whether you have recovered. Just like in a paper file, you can upload documents such as examination reports, doctor's letters and prescriptions as well as images, photos or X-rays. Last but not least, add the treating doctor from your contact list (Table 7).

Especially if you take medication regularly, you should document the time and quantity in a medication plan (Table 4). Describe all treatments and link them to the illnesses (Table 3). Divide the treatments into categories according to type and frequency. You can also record allergies (Table 5) and vaccinations (Table 6).