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Reimbursement of expenses

Have your employees submit all expenses and keep an eye on the reimbursement. Use template Preview

The train ticket from the business trip to Hamburg, the catering receipt from the dinner with customers, the laptop for the new working student or fresh fruit for the office kitchen: your employees should document all their work-related expenses in good time - because at the end of the month you often no longer know what you have spent money on.

SeaTable's template helps you keep a detailed overview of all your employees' expenses and reimburse them on a monthly basis. Forget bureaucratic paperwork and folders full of forms and statements: Instead, opt for paperless administration and let your employees submit all expenses and receipts digitally. SeaTable's web forms make it possible.

Expense management can reveal what you may have spent money on unnecessarily in your company and where effective savings can be made. Use groupings, statistics or formula columns for this purpose. Thanks to SeaTable's special column types, your employees can also sign digitally and upload invoices and receipts in the form of images and files. With the page design plugin, you can easily generate documents in which you confirm the reimbursement to your employees.

You can find out what employers and employees should bear in mind when reimbursing expenses in our blog article.