SeaTable 3.3

SeaTable 4.2: New functions in the Universal App Builder and much more

In this version, the further development of the Universal App Builder enters the next round: New features include version management, duplicate checking on the table and form page and the options to duplicate pages and temporarily suspend apps. However, SeaTable 4.2 is not just an app builder release. Formula fans can look forward to the new iserror() function and automation users will appreciate the more versatile use of the "Edit entry" action. Find out what else has changed in the article.
SeaTable 3.3

Stock up on emergency supplies: What you should always have at home

What would you do if the power and water supply suddenly failed across the board? In Germany, this is very unlikely, but in other parts of the world, damage to infrastructure is more common. Many people are not sufficiently prepared for such and other emergency situations. That's why it's advisable to take the best possible precautions and stock up on emergency supplies of food, water, hygiene articles and medicines. The article tells you everything you need to know about this.
SeaTable 3.3

Christmas party 2023 - ideas for a unique corporate event

Soon it will be that time again! While one or the other is still mourning the past summer, the first gingerbread and cookies on the supermarket shelves already remind us of the coming Christmas season. To ensure that your 2023 Christmas party is a complete success, you can't start planning soon enough! In this article, you will get valuable tips and many varied ideas for your next company Christmas party.
SeaTable 3.3

SeaTable 4.1: More powerful automations, App Builder on the home stretch and much more

The summer vacations are coming to an end. But while others put their feet up, our developers have worked hard and conjured up SeaTable version 4.1. Both the automations and the file management have been improved. At the same time, SeaTable 4.1 provides new features to more precisely define the viewing options and permissions for Universal App users. Read all the details in these release notes.

Patriot Act vs. privacy - How to process Canadian data independently of U.S. providers

The data of millions of Canadians is stored on US servers of Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Airtable - at the same time, the so-called "Patriot Act" basically allows US authorities to siphon off all this data. For this reason, data protection experts have long advised against storing personal data in US clouds. The Canadian province of Quebec also wants to prevent this from September 2023 through stricter data protection laws.
SeaTable Release 4.0

SeaTable 4.0: new column type, improved file management and progress in Universal App Builder

Building your own app without any programming knowledge - with the fourth major release of the low-code database software SeaTable, this dream will become reality on June 27, 2023. In the fully functional beta version of the Universal App Builder, SeaTable users can create individual apps from their databases for target groups with different information needs. Other release highlights include the new signature column and file management integrated into Bases.