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SeaTable is a flexible tool for working alone. At its best, it performs at its best when working in a team. In group bases, you work together on data in real time. When a user makes a supplement, it is immediately communicated and displayed to all other editors. Inactive users are informed by notification. The history allows you to trace the development of the current status at any time and - if necessary - undo individual changes. If a person is missing, you can release a base to that person with just a few clicks.

Group Bases

All members of a group have access to a group base. As group owner, you manage the group and its members. Using different roles, you assign the members their access rights - and revoke them just as quickly. You can create a new group using the New Group button under your bases.

Internal approvals

Do you want to temporarily work on a base together with one or more other SeaTable users? With an internal share, you can do just that! Move the mouse pointer to the base you want to share. Then click on the three-point icon for advanced features and select Share. You decide whether the release is to be read-only or read/write. This way you always have full control over the data in your Base. You end a share just as easily as you created it.

External approvals

Bases can be shared not only with other SeaTable users. You can also share bases with third parties via an external share. An external link, which you can provide with a password and/or an expiration date, gives read access to the shared base to anyone who knows the link. You create an external link - like an internal release - by means of Release in the advanced functions of a Base.


To keep discussions where they belong, you can comment each table entry. A right-click on an entry in the table view is sufficient. Group members and other people with access to Base will be informed about the comments and can reply. In this way, the entire discussion on a topic remains compact and directly in Base. Searching for a discussion in old e-mails, in a chat or in a log is a thing of the past.

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