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Ricarda is a working student at SeaTable in the marketing department. Her hobbyhorse is visual communication on Pinterest and Instagram, because no one knows how to tell stories with good pictures like she does.

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Organised store management with SeaTable

With the opening of new locations, not only the turnover grows, but also the organisational effort. Now it is important to keep an overview. Our Store Management Template helps you with the following questions: Where are your highest-turnover branches? Which shops need more attention because they have not reached the projected turnover? Where are new employees needed and how [...]

6 tips for more productivity in your remote team

Most companies take measures to enable working from home and organize online seminars or other events for their employees in addition to home office options. But: you start to miss even the most annoying colleague and the chat at the coffee machine is also missing. With a team that works almost exclusively remotely, it's sometimes difficult to stay up-to-date [...]

Customer Feedback 2.0: Your Ultimate Guide

Customer feedback is the basis for important decisions for many companies. No matter if you are a start-up, an established company or work independently, the feedback from your customers helps you to constantly improve your product. With our online tool, you receive a comprehensive solution that allows you to: Create questionnaires Integrate questionnaires via link or QR code on your channels Feedback received in your [...]

The perfect wedding planning with SeaTable

One of the most beautiful and important days in life is just around the corner: your own wedding. Nothing should go wrong here, which is why structured wedding planning is of great importance for most couples. What needs to be done 12 months before the wedding, what needs to be done 5 months before the big day, what needs to be [...]

How to save valuable time with an appointment booking system from SeaTable

How much time do you spend making appointments with customers and business partners? Either the phone is constantly ringing, pulling you out of your workflow again and again, or you write countless e-mails in order to finally come to a common denominator when making appointments. For your customers, too, the constant back-and-forth of scheduling and rescheduling [...]

Databases - 5 advantages over simple tables

Most people deal with data on a daily basis that would need to be managed effectively. The owner of a supermarket has to keep track of the inventory, an editorial manager has to keep track of all the articles, and a hairdresser has to manage the appointments of his customers. In almost all professions, data plays a role. The best way to manage large amounts of [...]

Evaluate customer feedback easily in 3 steps

From qualitative raw data to a brand new product feature. It can take some time before a new feature emerges from a customer's comment. Nevertheless, the process is worthwhile and, with a suitable online tool, much easier than you might think. As a company, it is important to regularly collect and evaluate customer feedback and to use the resulting knowledge [...]

How to create the perfect checklist for onboarding new employees

Finally, the new position is filled and the first working day of the new employee begins. Nervousness is pre-programmed here, especially on the employee side. But the HR department is also confronted with special circumstances with every new hire and naturally wants the onboarding process to be particularly easy and smooth. We have compiled a checklist for your [...].

#1 How to get started - Your first spreadsheet at SeaTable

Whether you run a restaurant, started a fashion label, run a marketing agency or are a self-employed content creator, SeaTable can help you implement anything you can imagine. At SeaTable, you can create the perfect spreadsheet customized to your exact needs. We'll walk you through the steps today, so you can get started on [...]