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Establishing a new habit takes a lot of time and a plan.

Habit Tracker - how to change your habits in the long term

We often make good resolutions for the future and then don't manage to follow them through. On the other hand, many unpleasant patterns of behavior have become established in our everyday lives and have quietly and secretly become habits. Getting rid of them or, in the best case, turning them into good habits requires a lot of time, discipline and perseverance. But with a habit tracker, you can succeed in this endeavor.
With Weglot to multilanguage SEO

Weglot on our experience with the translation plugin for WordPress

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Weglot is a Wordpress plugin for automatically translating your own website, which we also use on The idea is simple and quickly explained. You write all texts in your native language as usual and let Weglot translate all content into one or more other languages. The website visitor is automatically redirected to the language version that suits him and Weglot does all the necessary work for international SEO. This article is a field report after two years of Weglot.
The SeaTable no-code platform

Your guide to no-code and low-code platforms in 2022

With a no-code platform, people can develop applications and processes to make their lives easier in a very short time and without much prior knowledge. No-code platforms thus save operational costs in the form of development time and manpower. This article describes the history, advantages and disadvantages of no-code, lists many solutions and gives clear recommendations on how to get the most out of no-code. Finally, many current No-Code solutions are presented. A newcomer among the no-code platforms is SeaTable, which offers an easy entry into the world of no-code.