Best Practice

Fleet management with SeaTable

Manage your own fleet with smart templates

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a versatile and responsible task for companies and self-employed persons. With a template for your fleet management, vehicles and their use can be planned precisely. In the following, we explain how you can manage bookings, returns, repairs and inspection dates in a convenient and uncomplicated way.
4 templates for the real estate sector

4 useful SeaTable templates around real estate

We take care of your workflows, whether you want to manage your properties clearly, are looking for the next flat or are already planning the next move. SeaTable offers everything you need with its four new templates in the area of real estate.
Developer or Enterprise Edition

SeaTable Server Enterprise and Developer Edition in comparison

SeaTable is available in two different editions. While the Enterprise Edition provides the full range of functions and is therefore used for the SeaTable Cloud and Dedicated Systems, the Developer Edition can be used free of charge and is ideal for developers as a flexible database.