Success stories

Take a look at the success stories of our customers and which business models were developed with SeaTable.

Edition comparison of SeaTable

Which SeaTable is right for you?

The no-code platform SeaTable is available in different editions: As a public cloud, managed dedicated and as a self-hosted on-premises system. In this article, all versions are presented and described.

With SeaTable to the right content marketing strategy

The full-service agency "Content Marketing Star" helps its clients to regularly acquire new customers with the help of a content marketing strategy. SeaTable helps the agency to plan, structure and coordinate all components of such a strategy with the client.

Digital pioneering work in the care service

With SeaTable, Norman Kolwitz, founder of KD-Cura, wants to pioneer in his industry by digitising processes in his outpatient care service. In his search for a suitable tool, he came across SeaTable and finds the system very "charming".

Berlin Hockey Club goes digital with SeaTable

As a manager of a sports club, there are many areas to keep track of and manage, be it general accounting, pitch bookings or task management for all members. The Berlin Hockey Club uses SeaTable to transfer the many individual systems that currently exist into a single system and thus digitise its processes.

Happy and healthy customers are the focus of eat Performance

SeaTable helps the Berlin-based manufacturer eat Performance to coordinate the tasks in the team and to monitor the logistics processes. This allows the two founders to fully concentrate on the production and distribution of their healthy Paleo products.