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Staff recruitment

Optimise your application process with this template. Use template Preview

Recruiting and HR are often responsible for advertising open positions and the entire applicant management. This is where applications, deadline management and communication come together: In order not to lose track of everything, well-structured applicant management is very important so that you can handle the entire application process in a comprehensible manner.

In our template, the entire application process is mapped: The interested party applies via web form, in which he enters all important contact data and submits them together with his documents (such as CV and cover letter). All data and documents are automatically stored in the SeaTable table.

You then assign the applicant to a person in your recruiting team who will conduct the first interview. This person documents the status of the application and all interview dates and notes centrally in this base. Employees in the specialist departments also get a calendar view of upcoming interviews in the universal app and can enter notes directly.

With the Kanban board and the calendar, you can keep an eye on all application processes at any time. The grouping and sorting functions show you which applicants you have already interviewed and for which positions you are still looking for employees. This makes your application process fast, structured and lean and your recruiting can improve effectively with the right tips.