Project management

Agile project management tool opens on smartphone.

The 8 best tools for agile project management

Teams should be able to react better to changes in a project in order to achieve the best result for the customer with the circumstances. Various tools support you in implementing agile project management in your company as well. Read about the different agile project management methods and find out which tools come into question.
Employee creates a to do list online.

How to keep track of all tasks with online to-do lists

Creating and managing an online to-do list with an app has many advantages. Various to-do list apps support you in your daily business as well as in project management. Read in this article why it is worthwhile for your company to use them and what concrete possibilities an online to-do list offers you.
Marketing team creates a template for project planning.

Templates for project planning: Use correctly - start successfully

Project planning templates make it possible to start planning and implementing a project immediately. Gantt charts, Kanban boards or smart lists are used to manage project activities, deadlines, budgets and more. Below you will find various templates including sample data for creating your project plan.
Employee creates budget planning template on laptop.

Keep an eye on your financial resources with this budget planning template

A budget planning template, as the name suggests, provides the framework for planning your budget. It helps to achieve business and project goals, as money and resources can be properly allocated. With the help of budget planning, you ensure that project participants clearly define goals and take steps to achieve them.
Smartphone display with various project management tools.

This is how a project management tool can support your team in human resource management

Why do you need a project management tool for HR? HR management has long since ceased to consist of repetitive, clearly defined tasks. Areas such as applicant management or personnel development demand new processes, optimisations and changes. These goals are pursued in the form of short- or mostly long-term projects. Read how a project management tool can relieve the burden on your HR department.
You can see a drawing with a template for a work breakdown structure.

Tips & templates for creating an effective work breakdown structure

Learn what the WBS is suitable for and use these tips to create an effective template for your work breakdown structure. Structure and organise your project successfully. Find the right tool for your company. Let's start with the definition of the work breakdown structure.
A team talks about useful project management methods.

The 10 most popular project management methods at a glance

Why are project management methods useful? With the help of a project management method, you can structure and manage a project in such a way that the lowest possible expenditure of costs, resources and time takes place. Take a look at the top 10 with us to determine the right approach for your company.