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Project management

Literature management in library with tablet.

Comparison of reference management programs: tips for academic work

A reference management program makes it easier for you to work on larger scientific projects. You prevent errors in reference lists, have your sources at a glance and can organize them by topic. If you have to comply with citation requirements, the reference software will help you to implement them. Read on for tips on how to work successfully with a reference management program and find the solution that suits you best.
Smartphone display with various project management tools.

Create a roadmap: How to clearly visualize your next project

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A roadmap paves the way to success! Winning customers, developing strategies, documenting progress - roadmap templates can be used in a variety of ways for your projects. To maximize the benefits, it is important that you create a roadmap that matches your goals. A template saves you valuable time and increases efficiency enormously. In this article, you can find out which roadmap suits your project and what you should bear in mind when creating a roadmap.
Drawing with a template for a work breakdown structure

Tips & templates for creating an effective work breakdown structure

To break down an initially abstract project into plannable elements, you can use a work breakdown structure to divide the process into subtasks and work packages. Find out what advantages this brings and use our tips to create an effective template for your work breakdown structure. Successfully structure your project and find the right tool for your company!
Event planning: Crowds of people at an event

How to plan the perfect event in 10 steps

If you want to plan the perfect event, there's a lot to consider. But where do you start if you're not familiar with event management? And how do you avoid planning mistakes, scheduling conflicts and cancellations? This article gives you a rough overview of the steps you should definitely consider when planning.
Employee implements budget planning on laptop

What's important when planning a budget: benefits, types, tips and a free template

As the name suggests, budget planning defines the framework for the distribution of your budget. It helps you to allocate money and resources sensibly and thus achieve your business and project goals. Through budget planning, you ensure that managers clearly define goals and take steps to achieve them. Read how efficient budget planning works.
Smartphone display with various project management tools.

This is how a project management tool can support your team in human resource management

Why do you need a project management tool for HR? HR management has long since ceased to consist of repetitive, clearly defined tasks. Areas such as applicant management or personnel development demand new processes, optimisations and changes. These goals are pursued in the form of short- or mostly long-term projects. Read how a project management tool can relieve the burden on your HR department.