Tool and alternatives

Presentation of an online database that can be used free of charge.

The top 9 free online databases

A database serves as a basis for collecting, processing and displaying data. They summarise information with common characteristics and facilitate management. You do not always need programming skills to create and work with a database. Some online databases have the advantage of being both free and easy to use. In this article we have compared the nine best free online databases.
Project manager tests different Asana alternatives.

The best Asana alternatives at a glance

Anyone who wants to manage projects successfully needs organisation and structure. To meet deadlines, work efficiently and achieve goals, the use of digital project management tools is a great advantage. Many teams fall back on Asana for this, although there are far more and equally good tools available. But what is the best Asana alternative?
Software development team is looking at a tool for bug and issue trackers.

Bug and issue tracker: Smart and simple solutions incl. free template

In software development, monitoring and managing bugs and issues can quickly become confusing. Appropriate tools, so-called bug and issue trackers, help you to fix bugs quickly and efficiently. Read in this article which programmes can support you in bug management and what the differences are.
With Weglot to multilanguage SEO

Weglot on our experience with the translation plugin for WordPress

Weglot is a Wordpress plugin for automatically translating your own website, which we also use on The idea is simple and quickly explained. You write all texts in your native language as usual and let Weglot translate all content into one or more other languages. The website visitor is automatically redirected to the language version that suits him and Weglot does all the necessary work for international SEO. This article is a field report after two years of Weglot.