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Version 1.1

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.1.6

(Released: 16-Jul-2020)

  • Fixed Saving data problems

Version 1.1.4

(Released: 11-Jul-2020)

  • Added Searching multiple keywords separated with space
  • Added Tooltip for add row button
  • Fixed Ant Design Mobile style in some plugins affect Ant Design Mobile style in current base
  • Fixed General bug fixes for row details and mobile terminal codes
  • Fixed Only the first linked column displayed in formula editor for multiple linked columns
  • Fixed Permission evaluation problem when returning user information
  • Fixed Permission evaluation problem when sharing a single view
  • Fixed Problems when organization administrators creating departments
  • Fixed Sorting rules set via header context menu not shown in the sort menu
  • Fixed Statistics function problem
  • Updated API for listing organization members/groups
  • Updated Each view lists off only the sharing options of itself
  • Updated Python API on_update_seatable

Version 1.1.3

(Released: 04-Jul-2020)

  • Added Copy a shared base to a group or a user
  • Added Export plugins in .dtable file
  • Added Forms support single and multiple select fields
  • Added Option to disable ‚Delete account‘ in personal settings
  • Added Read-only access notification in shared bases when owner exceeds limits
  • Added Recount of row usage when deleting a base
  • Added Right mouse key menu for shared view
  • Added Show team storage/row usage in avatar dropdown
  • Added Snapshot restore
  • Added Statistics support formula columns depending on linked columns
  • Added Statistics support linked column
  • Fixed 502 Bad Gateway upgrade problem
  • Fixed Bugs in copy function
  • Fixed Communication from dtable-web to dtable-server uses internal addresses by default
  • Fixed dtable-events uses as dtable-web address by default
  • Fixed Filter conditions changeable when view is locked
  • Fixed Forced line break in Excel cells cause problems in copying & pasting
  • Fixed Formulas depending on linked columns cannot be exported
  • Fixed Grid view language always in English independent of chosen personal language
  • Fixed Overlap of ‚?‘ and the triangle symbol in header of first column
  • Fixed Plugin style and base conflict problem
  • Fixed Setting of roles for organizations not working
  • Fixed Time data ‚Invalid date‘ does not match format ‚%Y-%m-%d %H:%M‘
  • Removed Font-awesome support for form page
  • Updated Comment function interface
  • Updated Form single / multiple select labels on mobile devices
  • Updated Notification displayed on mobile device
  • Updated Number editing on mobile devices
  • Updated Plugin mechanism
  • Updated Refresh interface 2 seconds after user changes filter, sort, and group conditions
  • Updated Row number and storage usage included in search result page
  • Updated Search UI on mobile devices
  • Updated Show the type of base (personal vs. organization) in system administration
  • Updated Single/multiple select and collaborator editing mode in row details on mobile devices
  • Updated Statistics functionality
  • Updated Used storage interface

Version 1.1.2

(Released: 27-Jun-2020)

  • Added Cleanup database script
  • Added Conditional fields in forms
  • Added Continue to submit button in form
  • Added Filtering over last modifier column
  • Fixed Abnormal handling when saving base
  • Fixed dtable IO logs repetition problem
  • Fixed Error when adding a creator column and undo
  • Fixed General UI problems in Chrome under Windows
  • Fixed Longer formula column name display problem
  • Fixed Problem when evaluating sharing permissions
  • Fixed Rename problem with some tables
  • Updated Drag to fill function
  • Updated Edit mode for single / multiple select and collaborator on mobile devices
  • Updated Formula editor supports multiple lines
  • Updated Remove a table from server memory when disconnected and inactive
  • Updated User detail display

Version 1.1.1

(Released: 20-Jun-2020)

  • Fixed Long text handling in data migration
  • Fixed Plugin installation problem
  • Fixed Share view to user: empty status
  • Updated ESC closes filter, sort, group and hidden columns dialogs

Version 1.1.0

(Released: 13-Jun-2020)

  • Added Attachment size quotas and row limit for users and organizations
  • Added Base can be copied from one workspace to another
  • Added Bases support multiple external links
  • Added CSV import
  • Added Download attachments in a ZIP-file
  • Added dtable_web_service_url as an option
  • Added dtable-server uses to visit seaf-http
  • Added Favorites in the base library
  • Added Fields can be made ‚required“ in forms
  • Added Filter condition ‚including me‘ for the Creator column
  • Added Filtering, grouping and sorting over linked columns
  • Added Form supports geolocation column
  • Added Holidays in the calendar plugin
  • Added Mobile device support for geolocation field type
  • Added One formula column can use the result of another formula column
  • Added Progress dialog for external link exportation page
  • Added Row can be deleted in row details dialog
  • Added Search function for single/multiple selects filter options
  • Added Sharing a view to a group or a user
  • Added Sharing function in the form editor
  • Added Support for generating multiple external URLs (base internal dialog)
  • Added Table records synchronization between bases and common datasets
  • Added Unread internal notifications sent to email address
  • Added User role permits use of advanced permissions
  • Fixed Batch deleting and focus lost after deletion problem under grouping view
  • Fixed Common dataset problem
  • Fixed Cutting a picture with Ctrl+X in long text editor
  • Fixed Decimal and thousand delimiter update problem after changing number field format
  • Fixed Display problem on mobile device when uploading multiple files into form
  • Fixed Form file upload problem
  • Fixed Form return button problem
  • Fixed Freeze first column function visibility
  • Fixed Hidden columns dialog problem when there are many columns
  • Fixed Interface crash error when importing CSV in filtered view
  • Fixed Internal ID displayed when organization administrator deletes a user
  • Fixed Missing confirmation when organization administrator deletes users or groups
  • Fixed Multiselecting column problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed Multiselecting files or pictures problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed Navigation with the arror keys problem when added new row with Shift+Enter
  • Fixed No content can be added to long text field when there is only one image in it
  • Fixed Picture upload with Ctrl+V not possible in the picture upload dialog
  • Fixed Problem that users cannot change filter condition in shared view
  • Fixed Problem when copying and pasting multiple rows
  • Fixed Problems with mentioning user with @ in comment
  • Fixed Search problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed Server disconnected error when leaving a table in Firefox browser
  • Fixed Share view management page problem
  • Removed Common dataset new column code
  • Removed Office file preview
  • Updated Comment displays 7 recent days of content
  • Updated Comment field keyboard shortcut optimized
  • Updated Consistent dropdown menus and orange background-color
  • Updated convert-row-back code optimized
  • Updated Filter module code and compatibility with node server terminal
  • Updated Histogram in statistics
  • Updated Import CSV size limit changed into 10M
  • Updated Line diagram support for grouping function
  • Updated Non-modal dialog style for sorting
  • Updated Permission control module code
  • Updated Picture uploading dialog interface on mobile devices
  • Updated Pie chart numbers display
  • Updated Position of buttons in the form editor
  • Updated Real-time computing for row numbers of users and organizations
  • Updated Show details of sharing user
  • Updated Table and column cannot be created when name already exists
  • Updated Transfer ID to row name when exporting linked cells to Excel

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