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Version 2.0

Version 2.0.0

(To be released soon.)

  • Added API request to batch modify rows
  • Added API request to create a table
  • Added API request to update links
  • Added API requests to create single/multiple select options
  • Added Folders in the base library
  • Added Form: Link column support and custom logo
  • Added Google maps in the plugin: Current location
  • Added Link formula column type
  • Added Number, text, and single select column: Default values can be specified
  • Added Option for paid plugins
  • Added Option to disable a table from being exported, printed, and copied (security configuration)
  • Added Page design plugin
  • Added Zoom in/out on the image preview page
  • Fixed Common dataset compatibility problem with old date type data
  • Fixed Common dataset sync problem
  • Fixed Data collection form returns an error if there’re too many columns in a table
  • Fixed Problems when searching a formula field
  • Fixed Problems with sharing a view
  • Fixed UI problem when scrolling horizontally in a grouped view
  • Removed Scroll bar in the notification rule editor
  • Updated Administrator can download a dtable file in the backend
  • Updated Administrator role permission extension
  • Updated Auto number column: values can be manually changed
  • Updated Common dataset permission revision
  • Updated Copy row action can be triggered by a button
  • Updated Currency column: precision is customizable
  • Updated External link cannot be exported as a view
  • Updated Mouse-over the table header to show the long column name
  • Updated Press Enter at the bottom row to create a new row
  • Updated Python script execution can be counted and limited by plans
  • Updated Single/multiple select options cannot be “empty”
  • Updated Snapshots can be generated manually
  • Updated Three empty rows are automatically added to the first table upon creation of a new table

For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.

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