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Version 2.0

This changelog is only available in English

Version 2.0.6

(To be released soon)

  • Fixed Favicon loading problem when a new notification is available
  • Fixed Linked labels are displayed as ID when exported to Excel
  • Fixed Mouse cursor problem when importing data from the common dataset

Version 2.0.5

(Released on 27 May 2021)

  • Fixed Issue of switching to a view after renaming it
  • Fixed Undo menu UI improvement in German
  • Updated Calendar plugin


Version 2.0.4

(Released on 27 May 2021)

  • Added Support for custom favicon
  • Added Undo and redo buttons in the History menu
  • Fixed Column type setting panel UI issue
  • Fixed Conditional formatting English menu issue
  • Fixed Error when exporting a shared view to Excel
  • Fixed Formula column with if() function cannot be selected in the notification rules settings
  • Fixed Issues with the API requests to create/modify views
  • Fixed View options (filters, sorts, and groups) display issue in German
  • Updated Rating type support for drag-to-fill
  • Updated Speed-limit for rows and filtered-rows GET API

Version 2.0.3

(Released on 27 May 2021)

  • Added Button action to open a certain Page Design page
  • Added Russian language support
  • Added Sys-admin can list all the notification rules in the system
  • Fixed External link scrollbar issue on displays with lower resolution
  • Fixed Filter issue in the collaborator column
  • Fixed Issues when importing a CSV file
  • Fixed Seafile choose file dialogue doesn’t update the recently used files
  • Removed Redundant options when copying a template
  • Updated Calendar support for the user to set the beginning day of the week (Mon/Sun)
  • Updated Calendar’s item color can be retrieved from the row’s color
  • Updated Collaborator column support for sorting by collaborators‘ names
  • Updated Column type arrangement optimized
  • Updated Create link column API request optimization
  • Updated Data collection table: Participants cannot add new single/multiple select options
  • Updated rollup() function support for duration type
  • Updated Sort for creator and modifier column types
  • Updated Support for Rating column type in the form
  • Updated Table, row, column, and API request limit

Version 2.0.2

(Released on 27 May 2021)

  • Fixed Form filter bug fixes
  • Fixed Group URL problem on the system administration page
  • Fixed Pasting problem in the long text editor
  • Updated Common dataset UI improvement
  • Updated Insert/delete/modify rows and other batch operations limited to 1000 rows at once
  • Updated Link column search for the first column and other text columns
  • Updated View external link / collection table page won’t load notification
  • Updated When a table has more than 100,000 rows, no new rows can be added
  • Updated When a table has more than 150,000 rows, it cannot be accessed

Version 2.0.1

(Released on 27 May 2021)

  • Added dtable_uuid and op_id conjoined indexing for the operation_log
  • Added Simple SSO
  • Updated Mobile terminal layout improvement
  • Updated Web interface optimization

Version 2.0.0

(Released on 27 May 2021)

  • Added API request for the system administrator to delete a base
  • Added Creation time in the API response when listing rows in a view
  • Added Kanban plugin
  • Added Limit of number of tables in a base
  • Added More options for the linked column type
  • Added Pre-filled values in form
  • Added Rating column type
  • Fixed Accumulative fixes in the „Last modifier“ column
  • Fixed API request cannot forward user’s role
  • Fixed Error message persists on the sharing dialogue when password or expiration is invalid
  • Fixed Filename encoding problem
  • Fixed First character missing problem in the long text editor
  • Fixed Highlighted search results could overlap each other when dragging horizontally
  • Fixed link_id missing when inserting a link column via API request
  • Fixed Locked rows can be deleted under mobile view
  • Fixed Third-party email account setting problem
  • Updated API request to delete a row/row link returns the number of rows/row links deleted
  • Updated Common dataset group permission setting page German UI improvement
  • Updated countlinks() function support filter conditions
  • Updated Discriminated bases by workspaces in the base library search result
  • Updated dtable-server API URL optimization
  • Updated Geolocation support for automatic recognition
  • Updated Geolocation support for country and region
  • Updated Link column support for searching in the content of all the other text columns
  • Updated Linked columns can be used to sort
  • Updated Notification: Collaborator search code optimization
  • Updated Notifications are not reloaded when the server is re-connected
  • Updated Optimization for the admin to download dtable file
  • Updated Optimization of the getting of formtoken on the form submission page
  • Updated Performance optimization of the formula
  • Updated Report function UI improvement
  • Updated The plugins panel closes automatically after clicking on a plugin
  • Updated When logging in with SAML/LDAP, the id_in_org can be filled in automatically

See the Release Note for SeaTable 2.0 for detailed information to the functionalities.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.