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Version 1.3

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.3.3

(Released: 29-Sep-2020)

  • Added Self-restart after a dtable-io session crashes
  • Fixed Creator column turns into an ID value when exporting to Excel
  • Fixed Form display problem under 360 browser and WeChat built-in browser
  • Updated Plugins‘ js/css file loading made into the thumbnail server

Version 1.3.2

(Released: 23-Sep-2020)

  • Added Administrators can invite users by email
  • Added Batch download for images and files in read-only views
  • Added Buttons to switch to previous/next row on the row details popover
  • Added Column permissions in shared views
  • Added Functions findMax and findMin
  • Added Independent thumbnail service (backend)
  • Added Missing spaces in the notification email between „User“, „Table“ and „Event“
  • Added Notification when a user is added as a collaborator
  • Fixed Clicking outside of a popover won’t dismiss it after editing contents
  • Fixed Ctrl+Z key combination cannot undo duplication of a row
  • Fixed Display of linked images and files
  • Fixed dtable-events redis connection restore (backend)
  • Fixed Filter and sort by text with the auto number column type
  • Fixed Font blur problem in Chrome engine browsers under Windows
  • Fixed Formula result format unchanged when calculation result type changes
  • Fixed Images inserted into tables inside the long text editor cannot be deleted
  • Fixed Problem when mentioning team member with @ in row comments
  • Fixed Problem with the networkdays(), hour() and substitute() function
  • Fixed Problems when creating new records under mobile list view
  • Fixed Problems when editing numbers in the row details dialog on mobile devices
  • Fixed The cell focus square floats over the right scroll bar
  • Fixed UI problems in scripts with renaming and auto spaces
  • Removed „Continue to submit“ button on form
  • Removed „Unselect rows“ as clicking outside the selection cancels the selection
  • Updated A group can only be deleted when there are no bases in it
  • Updated Email title will take recipient’s first name instead of an email prefix
  • Updated Filter, sort, and groupby unlocked in a shared view
  • Updated Form „submit“ button changed into a spiral after clicking to prevent resubmission
  • Updated Forms can be exported, imported, and copied with a base
  • Updated Name can be passed in as an object in scripts API
  • Updated Notification rule logs
  • Updated Title clicking effect
  • Updated UI improvement for administrators to invite other users per email
  • Updated Visual effect under iOS devices

Version 1.3.1

(Released: 14-Sep-2020)

  • Fixed Additional new base created when importing from CSV
  • Fixed Format display of Nan, Infinity, -Infinity and scientific notion as calculation results
  • Fixed Function problems with floor() and substitute()
  • Fixed Spacing problem when extracting lists from long text into previews
  • Updated Output.text functionality to output other types as strings

Version 1.3.0

(Released: 14-Sep-2020)

  • Added Auto number column type
  • Added Auto-fill function for form
  • Added Collapse and expand all groupbys with one click
  • Added Compact print format for row details
  • Added Conditional row formating
  • Added Creation of new bases from templates
  • Added Customizable SeaTable docker gunicorn and redis configuration
  • Added Global method to rasterize linked column type when extracting
  • Added Groups listed in the bases library navigation
  • Added Import and export of scripts
  • Added More view modals for the mobile terminal (Spreadsheet view and cards view)
  • Added Print function for tables/views
  • Added Script function in table view
  • Added Tooltip in options dropdown of single/multiple select columns
  • Added URLs in long text columns clickable in table view
  • Fixed „File not found“ although file exists
  • Fixed Bug when filtering over formula and link column and when filter condition is OR
  • Fixed Compatibility improvement for functions depending on the first column with auto numbers
  • Fixed Content of linked fields cannot be copy-pasted
  • Fixed Copy & paste, and drag & drop compatibility problem under Firefox
  • Fixed Copy&paste problems when the expanded columns include an auto number column
  • Fixed Cursor problem in the long text editor
  • Fixed Description inaccuracy problem in the filter condition for ‚within‘
  • Fixed Display problem of the last of a series of tables in the tables list
  • Fixed Display problem of the link column type in search result and statistics
  • Fixed Disposition problem of the dropdown menu when creating a new table
  • Fixed Form note content loss after hiding and unhiding
  • Fixed Formula column content update problem on the row details page
  • Fixed group_owner evaluation problem when accessing common dataset
  • Fixed Locked table headers become unlocked when restarting the server
  • Fixed Minus before formula result if the result is decimal
  • Fixed Problems when clicking on both sides outside the image upload dropdown menu in the long text editor
  • Fixed Results from a formula column cannot be copy-pasted into a text column
  • Fixed Right-click menu in bottom rows of table view covered by the scroll bar
  • Fixed Unintended focus switching in form view
  • Fixed Value updating problem when a depending column value has been changed
  • Fixed When deleting rows, display „Saving“ does not disappear and content not deleted
  • Fixed Wording error in add new user dialog
  • Fixed X-axis sorting problem when numeric columns are used as grouping conditions in statistics
  • Removed Two equal signs in the formula instruction examples
  • Updated Batch upload of images and files
  • Updated Date dialog in the form with minutes automatically quits after selecting date and minutes
  • Updated Display of formula type format on the row detail dialog
  • Updated Filter legitimacy evaluation moved to row color condition settings
  • Updated Form UI when shared and requires login to view
  • Updated Groupbys legitimacy evaluation rebuilt
  • Updated Improved descriptions of round, roundup, and round down formulas
  • Updated Monday will be the first day of a week in the sort/groupby conditions
  • Updated Non-modal column permissions dialog
  • Updated Organization administrator page UI
  • Updated Script functionality
  • Updated Scripts API improvement
  • Updated Sort validity evaluation
  • Updated UI improvement for date column type with minutes
  • Updated UI when drag&dropping to change table sequences

For more details, please refer to the Release Note 1.3.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.