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Version 2.1

Version 2.1.0

(To be released soon)

  • Added API request base query per UUID
  • Added Button: Modify row action support for more column types
  • Added Data processing – cumulative and increment values calculation
  • Added Expiration days for data collection table
  • Added More filter condition when collaborators are quoted by formulas from another table
  • Added Permission for adding single/multiple select options
  • Added Statistics support for the rating type
  • Fixed “Link other records” cell cannot be copied and pasted into an external notepad
  • Fixed Asset management issue when special symbols are in the filename
  • Fixed Base deletion issue when it’s in a folder
  • Fixed First column UI issue when frozen in a grouped view
  • Fixed Group member cannot leave a group
  • Fixed Hidden column displayed in a linked record
  • Fixed Image thumbnail issue after rotation
  • Fixed Issues with the long text editor and long text column
  • Fixed Link formula column not appearing in the search result
  • Fixed Linked record’s pasting problem
  • Fixed List element cascading issue in the long text editor
  • Fixed Numbers in percentage format cannot be searched
  • Fixed Performance issue on mobile devices when adding link records in a form
  • Fixed Problem with the separation symbol recognition when importing CSV
  • Fixed Version issue when exporting a base immediately after editing
  • Removed Link columns in the formula editor
  • Updated Append rows performance optimization
  • Updated Base editor search logic
  • Updated Checkbox type UI improvement
  • Updated Comments related API calls are moved to dtable-web
  • Updated Dates can be entered with a widget in the filter setting
  • Updated Geolocation string support for copy and paste
  • Updated Linked collaborator column can also be used in the notification rules
  • Updated Multiple select options can be copied directly from Excel cells
  • Updated Plugin component code optimized
  • Updated Scripts regular tasks are also removed when a base is deleted
  • Updated Support for grouping by the last modifier

For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.

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