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Version 1.8

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.8.4

(Released: 22-Mar-2021)

  • Fixed Initial center point of the Map plugin improved
  • Fixed Problems with the team admin’s user management page
  • Fixed Time display problem in the email notification
  • Fixed Timeline plugin: Grouping problem under single select type
  • Fixed UI problem with the deduplication plugin

Version 1.8.3

(Released: 22-Mar-2021)

  • Added SeaTable as desktop web app (Chrome)
  • Fixed A base’s forms are not deleted when the base is deleted
  • Fixed Bugs with the creation time and undoing features
  • Fixed Font size problems with printing
  • Fixed Linked records display problem with custom sharing permissions
  • Fixed Problem when copying an imported template to a group
  • Fixed Problems when changing other data types into single/multiple select types
  • Fixed Problems with the team admin’s API request to get user info
  • Fixed The API request „List Rows“ does not include formula results
  • Fixed UI problem when creating a new button column
  • Updated Common dataset share to group dialogue improvement
  • Updated Group label text vertical alignment
  • Updated Images in long texts in an external link base can be enlarged
  • Updated In the statistics figures the items can be dragged to re-order
  • Updated Link columns can be chosen from the formula editor
  • Updated Third-party email account can be used to send test emails

Version 1.8.2

(Released: 17-Mar-2021)

  • Added countlinks() function to count number of linked items
  • Fixed Date type problem when changing the format from European to ISO
  • Fixed Linking column operation not recorded in the activity log
  • Fixed Nested formula column becomes empty after exporting to Excel
  • Fixed Operations that are not recognized are marked as unrecognized in the activities log
  • Fixed Problems when copying and pasting column types including duration
  • Fixed weeknum() function problem
  • Removed Redundant codes in the notification rules in the dtable-web
  • Updated Color of the table header’s lock is red now
  • Updated Common dataset synchronization performance optimization
  • Updated Custom notification instruction wording improvement
  • Updated Press Enter to confirm new view creation
  • Updated Search function extended to collaborator and select columns
  • Updated Users can empty their own base trash bin
  • Updated When view setting is locked, row height cannot be changed

Version 1.8.1

(Released: 17-Mar-2021)

  • Added User instruction added for the custom message in the notification rule setting
  • Fixed Bugs in the created and modified time values when exported to Excel
  • Fixed Data collection table mobile terminal editing problem
  • Fixed Data loss problem when changing column types
  • Fixed Error when changing other types into formula type
  • Fixed Long text editor: when changed into an unordered list an empty item is created
  • Fixed Pasted cells should be selected after pasting
  • Fixed Problem when copying text into a long text editor
  • Fixed Problem with the auto number type
  • Updated A feedback is given after a button action is executed
  • Updated Documentation of „Tell a friend“ improved
  • Updated Single/multiple select options can be created by copying a text

Version 1.8.0

(Released: 17-Mar-2021)

  • Added API requests to upload/update plugins
  • Added Button column type
  • Added Common dataset
  • Added Customizable row height (2x, 3x, or 4x)
  • Added Data collection form
  • Added Deduplication plugin
  • Added External link and embed page for a single view
  • Added Filter conditions for single select options: added „is any of“ and „is none of“
  • Added Option to set a form submission deadline
  • Added Possibility to add advanced column types on the mobile device
  • Added Possibility to generate a base external link on the mobile device
  • Added Right-click to copy a row’s URL
  • Added Row contents can be filled into notification rules by using {columnName} in the custom message
  • Added SeaTable JavaScript: Support to get current table and row
  • Added Shared view name (appearance in the base library)
  • Added System admin page for data collection forms
  • Added Tables created from the common dataset are marked with a symbol
  • Added User can send emails in the SeaTable JavaScript with their own email host
  • Fixed Accumulative fixes for the long text editor
  • Fixed Custom sharing permission minor bug fixes
  • Fixed Entering page/per_page on the organization admin page won’t jump to the desired page
  • Fixed Filtered data problem after changing multiple select options
  • Fixed Importing CSV again after importing it may cause data loss
  • Fixed Number precision and percentage format problem
  • Fixed Possible problems when quoting single select options from another table
  • Fixed Problems when printing with Ctrl+P
  • Fixed Problems when undoing with Ctrl+Z after creating multiple rows
  • Fixed URL mistake when copying it from an expanded notification dialogue
  • Fixed When deleted a group, the base sharing logs to this group are not removed
  • Updated Asset preview page re-designed
  • Updated Column permission: Columns that cannot be edited are marked gray
  • Updated Group expanding animation optimized
  • Updated List rows, list rows by filter API improvement
  • Updated Notification rules improvement
  • Updated Now you can modify sharing permissions in the base sharing dialogue
  • Updated SeaTable Script: Copy function optimized
  • Updated Sort: Multiple select and checkbox columns can be sorted
  • Updated Use + and – in the formula to add/subtract days from a date column
  • Updated When clicking on a notification, related notifications are marked as read too

For a detailed introduction to the new features, refer to Release Note 1.8.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.