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Version 1.4

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.4.2

(Released: 06-Nov-2020)

  • Updated Multilanguage improvements for German and French interface

Version 1.4.1

(Released: 06-Nov-2020)

  • Added Account object in Python API to add and copy bases
  • Added Copy the first column and paste to the link column to generate linked records
  • Added Copying labels and pasting as texts
  • Added Emailing function in Python scripts
  • Added Function hour() to calculate time difference in hours
  • Added Role permission to allow executing Python scripts
  • Added Row determination in SeaTable Scripts
  • Added Warning when URL format is wrong
  • Fixed Checkbox reaction problems on mobile devices
  • Fixed Double scroll bar problem in the sort dialog under Windows/Chrome
  • Fixed Focus problem when a row is changed in a filtered table
  • Fixed Form editing page button display problem in German
  • Fixed Images layout problem on the row details page
  • Fixed Images pasting problem under Windows
  • Fixed Language setting problem on the login mask
  • Fixed Page display problem when creating a view
  • Fixed Problem when dragging a row inside a group
  • Fixed Problems when „text“ appears in min() and max() functions
  • Fixed Problems when calculating average values
  • Fixed Problems when selecting multiple rows holding the Shift key
  • Fixed Problems with the function average()
  • Fixed Summing problem when changing a numeric cell under a grouped view
  • Fixed Very long base name display problem on mobile devices
  • Removed Limit of copying more than 99 images to upload
  • Updated Base search: case insensitive and search in „Shared with me“ enabled
  • Updated Error message when the user visits a base without permission
  • Updated If groupby condition is a linking column, dragging a record between groups will change its link
  • Updated Improvement of numeric percentage format
  • Updated Mobile device sharing dialog
  • Updated Rollup() function improvement
  • Updated Usage of „concatenate“ in the rollup() function
  • Updated Value consistency when moving records in/between groups grouped by the creator, created time, last modified time, and formula column types

Version 1.4.0

(Released: 23-Oct-2020)

  • Added „Help and resources“ in the navigation
  • Added Allow user to copy a base into the current group
  • Added Autofill and reminding function in form for several previous submissions
  • Added Base description (if not empty) is displayed on the first time opening of a base
  • Added Column related operations to the Python API
  • Added Computing indirectly linked records
  • Added Customizable sharing permission (API)
  • Added Delete current record function on mobile row details page
  • Added Delimiter detection by CSV import
  • Added Group admin can modify group members‘ roles
  • Added Help button on the top right corner of the base editor
  • Added Illegal symbol replacement by Excel export
  • Added Link to the user manual in the Help and Help and resources menu
  • Added Number of Sorts
  • Added Role permission to run Python scripts
  • Added Scripts can be created in JavaScript or Python
  • Added Scripts import support for Python file
  • Added Single select options quotation in the formula
  • Added Sort for the collaborator column type
  • Added Support for paid plugins
  • Added URL column type
  • Added Webhook support
  • Fixed Auto number sequence problem when using Shift+Enter to create new rows
  • Fixed Conflict between Timeline plugin and other plugins
  • Fixed Current cell won’t be updated when a related row has been updated
  • Fixed Display problem with vertical scroll bar
  • Fixed Feedback wording error when submitting a form in English
  • Fixed File unzip problem after downloading all images
  • Fixed Formula column and number column format display problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed Formula column display problem on the row details page
  • Fixed Frozen first column ’shakes‘ when scrolling left and right
  • Fixed Key combination Ctrl+F triggers browser search instead of base editor search
  • Fixed Missing decimal and thousands separator in number and formula column settings on mobile devices
  • Fixed month() function problem under European time format
  • Fixed No results displayed when adding new numeric columns in statistics
  • Fixed Notification triggered by rules not displayed on mobile devices
  • Fixed Problem with the focus when a row is changed in a filtered table
  • Fixed Problems with Activities
  • Fixed Problems with the support for org admin to invite other users via email
  • Fixed Row displacement problem when modifying long text while another record is added/removed
  • Fixed Scroll and select problem with table elements
  • Fixed Search field functionality and width problem
  • Fixed Spaces removal before and after text when submitting a form entry
  • Removed Limitation of 99 images when uploading via copy & paste
  • Updated Changed ‚===‘ in the if() formula into ‚=‘
  • Updated Error handling (e.g. illegal symbol replacement) when exporting to Excel
  • Updated Error message when organization administrator adding user outside of current quota
  • Updated Freeze column effect rebuilt
  • Updated Grid rendering code
  • Updated Improved cell and grid rendering mode
  • Updated Line break inside a table cell in the long text editor disabled
  • Updated Modification notification via email improved
  • Updated networkdays(startDate, endDate) function now includes ‚endDate‘ in the result
  • Updated Newly built Activities
  • Updated Real-time display of messages in the row comment window
  • Updated Search module code optimization
  • Updated Searching and choosing the mode of linked records
  • Updated UI improvement for webhook support
  • Updated UI improvements for the + button in image and file cells

For more details, refer to the Release Note: SeaTable 1.4: New options for data management and online collaboration.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.