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Version 1.7

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.7.3

(Released: 25-Feb-2021)

  • Fixed Grouped view crashing problem

Version 1.7.2

(Released: 25-Feb-2021)

  • Added requests_oauthlib to the Enterprise docker image
  • Fixed Scripts exportation problem when exporting a base
  • Removed „Form note“ string on the form page
  • Removed Invite group member under organization mode

Version 1.7.1

(Released: 18-Feb-2021)

  • Added Column editing features in SeaTable JavaScript
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts to scroll and to create & expand a new row
  • Fixed Animation fix when creating or collapsing a group
  • Fixed Column deletion permission when the column heading is locked
  • Fixed Dragging problems under Windows
  • Fixed Example wording error in the ifs() function
  • Fixed File download problem on external read-only tables
  • Fixed Focus problem in the formula editor
  • Fixed Form saving problem
  • Fixed Moving items in Calendar plugin deletes date when the format is set to European
  • Fixed New users cannot be added when the active user number is below the plan limit
  • Fixed Problem with the table sum display on the bottom
  • Fixed Problems with uploading SVG images
  • Fixed Row comment cannot be marked as resolved and cannot be deleted
  • Fixed Snapshots days for Free, Plus, and Enterprise users corrected
  • Fixed The linked column is not deleted when deleting a linking column
  • Fixed Timeline plugin display problem when records are grouped by a link column
  • Fixed UI problem when editing a date
  • Fixed When a group is deleted, its sharing permissions are deleted too
  • Fixed When switching row details the thumbnails are not updated
  • Updated API request „Get upload link per API token“ improved
  • Updated Canvas functions modification
  • Updated Clicking on empty space can cancel the selection
  • Updated Deadline notification rule sends reminders per each record
  • Updated Enter key behavior when editing a formula
  • Updated Excel import improvement
  • Updated Focus moves to the first column when creating a row with Shift+Enter key combination
  • Updated Greater than (>) and smaller than (<) functions extension
  • Updated Horizontal scrolling behavior in the row linking dialogue
  • Updated If() function support for empty value
  • Updated Row details page animation improvement
  • Updated UI improvement for the search feature
  • Updated When synchronizing the common dataset the new columns will not be deleted

Version 1.7.0

(Released: 5-Feb-2021)

  • Added Animation when the sidebar appears
  • Added Custom currency symbol
  • Added Date column supports non-standard input
  • Added Excel can be imported as a new base
  • Added Multiple choice when selecting files from Seafile
  • Added Option to limit downloadable file types per external link
  • Added Row sequencing animation
  • Added Sort, group, and filter for duration and email fields
  • Added Support for OAuth protocol login
  • Added System notification customized for single users
  • Fixed Batch API problems fixing
  • Fixed Column permission bug fixes
  • Fixed Conditional formatting rule content display issues
  • Fixed Disappearance of the ‚+‘ symbol under mobile view when customizing sharing permission
  • Fixed Embedding option in the sharing dialog in the base library
  • Fixed Export data loss when filter condition is ‚collaborator is only the current user‘ in a shared view
  • Fixed Filter condition display problem when the view is locked
  • Fixed Formula editor partly covered in some browsers
  • Fixed Linked fields cannot be copied per the right mouse key menu
  • Fixed Problems when copying long texts from Word/PPT
  • Fixed Problems when deleting contents in a long text editor
  • Fixed Problems when searching in a grouped view
  • Fixed Problems when switching cells with up and down arrow keys in a grouped view
  • Fixed Problems with the display of first rows in grouped views
  • Fixed Problems with the image column
  • Fixed Row details problem under grouped view
  • Fixed Search field problem when transforming a column type
  • Fixed Table UI problem when loading
  • Removed form_id and get_primary_id codes
  • Removed User’s email information in the API response to get user’s common info
  • Updated Added as collaborator notification will be sent to email by default
  • Updated Animation effects
  • Updated API to create columns
  • Updated Code optimization and cleaning
  • Updated dateDif() function improvements
  • Updated dtable_uuid format in the API request List row activities
  • Updated Group rendering code optimization
  • Updated Grouped rows top value setting improvement
  • Updated Importing images and URLs from Excel long text
  • Updated Lock view button disabled on a read-only shared view
  • Updated Non-modal formula editor popover also in its editing mode
  • Updated Notification wording when added as a collaborator
  • Updated Optimization for the display on smaller non-mobile screens
  • Updated Org-admin can transfer a group
  • Updated Press Enter key to confirm deletion of the base asset
  • Updated Press Enter key to confirm entry and move to the next cell
  • Updated Python script executing permission depends on the owner, but not the user of the base
  • Updated Reduced ‚await time‘ when loading data for the first time
  • Updated Remembering last edited position in a table
  • Updated Row moving animation effect improvement
  • Updated Search field automatically acquires focus when opening a collaborators field
  • Updated SQL query update in the base modification notification email
  • Updated System notification mechanism rebuilt
  • Updated Timeline and Map plugin improvements
  • Updated UI improvement when renaming a base under the mobile view
  • Updated UI improvement when selecting single/multiple select options
  • Updated Version information included in the base metadata API response

For further information, refer to the Release Note 1.7.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.