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Version 3.0

The SeaTable Changelog is only available in English.

Since June 21, 2022, SeaTable Cloud https://cloud.seatable.io runs on version 3.0.16. All changes, updates, and improvements can be found in this changelog. Read more about this release in the release notes.

Version 3.0.16

  • Fixed A bug when reading a base larger than 200MB from the dtable-storage-server
  • Fixed Temporarily calculated fields are removed when saving a base to reduce storage

Version 3.0.15

  • Fixed A UI problem when editing link columns in the row details dialogue

Version 3.0.14

  • Fixed Avatar image issue and error handling
  • Fixed Excel European number format issue fix
  • Removed „Add record“ from the automation rule’s action when the trigger condition is „New record added“
  • Updated Automation rules UI improvement

Version 3.0.13

  • Fixed Formula column filter condition issue on the mobile devices
  • Fixed seatable-controller configuration file wording error
  • Updated The abuse report symbol on the admin’s page

Version 3.0.12

  • Added Base UUID in the response of the external links API for team/system admins
  • Fixed Bug fix when batch downloading files
  • Removed Newly created column’s name shouldn’t support „.“
  • Updated Default text filter condition is set to „is“ in the big data view

Version 3.0.11

  • Added Double colored symbols
  • Added Filter conditions support for re-arranging by drag&drop
  • Fixed Issue with team admin’s invite links
  • Fixed Operation log issue when the first column is single select and has been modified
  • Updated Link columns can be renamed when batch downloading files

Version 3.0.10

  • Added A reminder to archive when the base has more than 80.000 records
  • Added Base UUID is returned in the team/system admin’s API request to list all base external links
  • Fixed Bugs when appending data via CSV
  • Fixed Form filling history drop-down covers the input field
  • Fixed Issue that the personal info page is blank on the mobile terminal
  • Fixed Issue when transforming other columns to formula
  • Fixed Link formula column (date type) deduction with date column issue
  • Updated Administration backstage improvement
  • Updated External app URL improvement
  • Updated Python SQL generator improvement
  • Updated You can add/delete tables on the view settings menu

Version 3.0.9

  • Fixed Bug fixes

Version 3.0.8

  • Added External query app support for limiting the query to a specific view
  • Added Internal URL configuration in the dtable-server and run the proxy in the docker
  • Fixed Archived view: Search current view bug fix
  • Fixed Multiple select sorting issue
  • Fixed Query app result display issue
  • Fixed Row details page of a linked record shows a hidden column
  • Fixed Scripts log display issue
  • Fixed View settings saving issue
  • Updated A table’s common dataset sync settings can be kept after duplicating it
  • Updated Create time and modification time aligned right
  • Updated Improvement in the duration, number, and collaborator column types
  • Updated Python SQL statement translation function enhancement
  • Updated Single base API request cannot exceed 5000 request per day (configurable)
  • Updated Team management administrator page UI improvement

Version 3.0.7

  • Added Docker network’s name option added in the Python runner’s configuration
  • Fixed Formula column cannot be modified
  • Fixed Issue when adding results from formula and link formula cells
  • Fixed Link editor bug fix
  • Fixed Number precision issue in the number filter
  • Fixed Problems with format settings in link column
  • Fixed Sorting issue concerning multiple formula columns
  • Fixed When the page is in 80% size, the scrollbars are not displayed
  • Updated Disable „Enforce precision“ and „Default value“ in the number column
  • Updated Docker wording improvement
  • Updated Notification/Automation „Rules“ appear as an independent symbol
  • Updated Third party integration – Email UI improvement

Version 3.0.6

  • Added API to list bases in a group
  • Added Summaries in the big data view
  • Fixed Formula column coloring issue
  • Fixed Issue when filtering teams by roles
  • Fixed Issue when linking a link column to formula, collaborator, creator, or last modifier columns
  • Fixed Password reset and forget password issue
  • Fixed Performance issue when adding link records in a table that has a lot of records
  • Fixed Snapshot error handling
  • Fixed Text column cell format verification issue
  • Fixed The base header is always orange after sharing to other users
  • Fixed Windows horizontal scroll bar is covered in some cases
  • Updated Abuse report button redesigned
  • Updated API to list all team users (with their 2FA status)
  • Updated Automation rules statistics UI wording improvement
  • Updated Automation ruls and form permissions can be duplicated with a base
  • Updated Automation/notification rules improvement on valid/invalid verification
  • Updated Navigation improvement on the mobile terminal
  • Updated Table headings redesigned
  • Updated Third party accounts feature improvement

Version 3.0.5

  • Fixed „Deleted option“ is displayed when changing a single select column to multiple select
  • Fixed Bug when exporting to Excel
  • Fixed Common dataset sync bug
  • Fixed Date default values issue when the view is sorted by date
  • Fixed Issue when selecting date range in the plugins
  • Fixed Link column display bug
  • Updated Better formatting when copying and pasting dates
  • Updated Search group members UI improvement
  • Updated Summary abbriviation improvement

Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed Long text uploaded in the form/workflow is not correctly parsed
  • Updated Big data rows usage is displayed in the team info
  • Updated Big data storage buffer improvement
  • Updated Big data view search improvement
  • Updated Common dataset sync symbole improvement
  • Updated Geolocation is supported on the big data view
  • Updated Image and file columns can be edited on the big data view
  • Updated Statistics figures can be duplicated
  • Updated Teams page in the system admin’s page is improved

Version 3.0.3

  • Fixed Cell coloring issue towards formula column type
  • Fixed Issue when selecting date range in the plugins
  • Fixed Legends are not displayed on the preview of the statistics figure
  • Updated Use public/forms directory instead of forms directory for the normal form

Version 3.0.1

  • Added Configurable limitation for a group’s archive usage
  • Added Description pop-over when opening a data collection form for the first time
  • Added System admin can overview the total data usage of dtable-db
  • Fixed Animation is missing when the plugin panel disappears
  • Fixed Bug fixes in the big data feature
  • Fixed Bug when the team admin deletes an external link
  • Fixed Common dataset list accuracy issue
  • Fixed Compatibility issue when using text for the number filter conditions
  • Fixed Duration column is missing as an option in the statistics
  • Fixed Issue when adding links on the mobile terminal
  • Fixed Issue when the form title is very long
  • Fixed The link dialogue is not updated after editing a link cell on the row details page
  • Fixed Time zone issue in the filter conditions and in the calendar
  • Fixed Webhook description wording issue
  • Removed Base API token status
  • Updated 50.000 records can be loaded at once on the big data view
  • Updated Cell color dialogue supports submitting by pressing Enter
  • Updated Color rules – highlight duplicated values improvement
  • Updated Error handling improvement when translating filters into SQL statements
  • Updated Error handling when listing daily active users
  • Updated Export table to Excel optimization
  • Updated Form and data collection table mobile view sharing dialogue UI improvement
  • Updated IMAP optional configs can be used in the 3rd party account
  • Updated Modifications done to a link cell can be undone via the operation logs
  • Updated The system admin can reset a base’s password from the search result
  • Updated Webhook x-seatable-signature security level optimization

Version 3.0.0

  • Added A general external app that supports multiple pages
  • Added A notice when using lookup-text to filter by contains/not contains
  • Added An extra symbol for columns that are synchronized
  • Added An interface to send dtable-db data back to dtable-server
  • Added Column type format verification
  • Added Common dataset management in the system administration
  • Added dtable-storage-server in the docker image
  • Added More watchable column types in the automation/notification rules settings
  • Added Team admin’s API to list, edit, or remove invite links of a base
  • Added Team admin’s API to rename a group
  • Fixed After editing a link on the row details page the interface is not updated
  • Fixed Empty cells handling when calculating rank in the data processing
  • Fixed Empty value handling for link formula
  • Fixed Filename on top not updating when previewing different images
  • Fixed Formula calculation error in Safari
  • Fixed Issue that cells cannot be copied and pasted across bases
  • Fixed Issue when undoing copying row action by button
  • Fixed Issues when grouping/sorting by the link column (displayed as text)
  • Fixed LDAP_Sync and SAML compatibility issues
  • Fixed Linked text column can be selected as „Users in column“ in the notification rules settings
  • Fixed PDF online preview UI issue
  • Fixed Statistics table issue with sorted data from the formula column
  • Fixed Support fix for lookup-formula-text, lookup-formula-bool
  • Fixed Support fix for numer, formula-number, link-formula-number and percentage
  • Removed Filter and sorting icons when there’s no result to show on the external query page
  • Updated Archive data feature improvement
  • Updated Automation rules statistics feature optimization for the admin
  • Updated Change „Archive view“ into „Big data view“
  • Updated Common dataset regular syncing optimization
  • Updated Display the webpage’s title differently when opening a table or a view
  • Updated large() and small() function error message unification
  • Updated Lookup (formula-bool) filter method update
  • Updated Menu title wording modification
  • Updated Publish common dataset dialogue can list off the existing common datasets in the current table
  • Updated Select widget style unification
  • Updated Statistics figure includes null values in the checkbox column
  • Updated Team admin’s API to get team info also returns the team’s role
  • Updated Team admin’s API to get team’s info now includes the count of Python runs
  • Updated Team admin’s API to list group members now includes 2FA usage
  • Updated Team admin’s API to list the external links of a base
  • Updated Teams can be listed by roles in the system administration
  • Updated UI improvement when clicking on the common dataset sync button
  • Updated User’s API to restore group trashed base uses the base’s UUID

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