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Version 2.6

The SeaTable Changelog is only available in English.

Version 2.6.2

(Released on December 22, 2021)

  • Added Custom navigation items (SeaTable Server)
  • Added Navigation in the advanced statistics
  • Added Notice when there’s no plugins
  • Added Plugin header view controls for scrolling left and right
  • Fixed Custom sharing permission issue when a base is shared to users outside of the team
  • Fixed Instrument panel bug
  • Fixed Page Design page preview doesn’t show linked table
  • Fixed Sharing dialogue UI issues when the user’s display size is small
  • Updated Add link dialogue UI improvement
  • Updated Advanced statistics navigation improvement
  • Updated Customizing „Powered by SeaTable“ in the form (SeaTable Server Enterprise)
  • Updated Drag to change column width UI improvement for the mobile view
  • Updated Gallery plugin improvement
  • Updated Group listing page lists each group’s storage usage
  • Updated Template’s canvas size can be changed in Page Design
  • Updated Use a button to call a plugin

Version 2.6.1

(Released on December 22, 2021)

  • Added Indication for an archived view
  • Fixed „Add plugins“ button display issue
  • Fixed English description issue when setting default values
  • Fixed Issue when SQL query result is empty in the Python SDK
  • Fixed Issue when updating data from Excel
  • Fixed Private view name duplication issue
  • Removed „Set auto-run condition“ from Python script menu
  • Removed Permission can_generate_share_link
  • Updated Base-info is used for base status‘ API to get archive data
  • Updated Change share links into invite links in the API
  • Updated Keyboard shortcut improvement for the row details page
  • Updated Lookup type can be displayed as URL

Version 2.6.0

(Released on December 22, 2021)

  • Added „Powered by SeaTable“ in the external query app
  • Added A notice if the favorite or shared workspace is empty
  • Added Automation rule support for auto add link
  • Added Base status information
  • Added Condition feature for the link formula findmax/findmin
  • Added Default values for three column types: rating, checkbox, and long text
  • Added dtable-db CORS support in the nginx configuration
  • Added Grouped progress bar, scatter plot, image export feature, percentage increment, and dashboard in the advanced statistics
  • Added Keyboard shortcut (up/down to switch rows) for the image column type
  • Added Map plugin (OpenStreetMap)
  • Added Map plugin support for current position localization
  • Added New date format for German/Russian (DD.MM.YYYY)
  • Added Private view (Enterprise)
  • Added Search for existing users in the group management
  • Added Update records from .csv, .xlsx files
  • Fixed Archive views search case sensitivity issue
  • Fixed Button sending email message quoting column issue
  • Fixed Custom sharing table filtering issue fix
  • Fixed Date column won’t display when initializing in statistics
  • Fixed Doubled favorite listing when a base is shared to a group and has a star
  • Fixed Error when clicking on the group name in the base search results
  • Fixed Filter condition issue with the geolocation column
  • Fixed Filter issues
  • Fixed Form description emoji support issue
  • Fixed Image display issue on common dataset and Excel preview
  • Fixed Issue that statistics can only summarize 100 rows of archived data
  • Fixed Issue when the summarization is „No calculation“
  • Fixed Issue with the if() function when the calculation result is an array
  • Fixed Plugins tab style issue
  • Fixed Rating column cannot be set as filter conditon in the form settings
  • Fixed Session list performance issue
  • Fixed Single select options color issue when changing other types into single select
  • Fixed Statistics table display issue for the right most data
  • Fixed Summarization bug when exported view to Excel
  • Fixed View side bar menu mouse over and scrolling issue
  • Removed Admin download base feature from the interface
  • Removed Column quotation notice when running automation rules periodically
  • Removed Link, link formula and formula from the automation rules trigger filter condition
  • Updated _locked column is not displayed in the SQL query result
  • Updated A base cannot be shared to more than 200 users
  • Updated Backtick (`) is forbidden in table/column names
  • Updated Base menu UI improvement
  • Updated Creator information displayed in the external query app
  • Updated Data processing add a link support for formula type
  • Updated Enterprise Edition requires a license to start
  • Updated External app sharing button improvement
  • Updated Format unification when the lookup target is a link formula data
  • Updated Formula cell is displayed in the „Add link“ and „Linked records“ dialogues
  • Updated Full screen image touch screen optimization for mobile view
  • Updated Improvement of seatable-license.txt handling
  • Updated Intuitive HTML rendering of long text cells on the mobile view of external query app
  • Updated Intuitive line breaks in text cells on the mobile view of external query app
  • Updated Link column search UI improvement
  • Updated Link columns and link formula can be displayed on a data collection table
  • Updated Long text editor support for full screen mode
  • Updated Multiple select options can be created by pasting comma separated values in
  • Updated Office files can be edited online (Enterprise)
  • Updated Page design UI improvement
  • Updated Rating column can be picked in the formula editor
  • Updated Scrollbar won’t be printed from Page Design
  • Updated Table header support for double row height and hide column setting triangles

For detailed information about the major updates, see Release Note for 2.6.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.