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Version 1.2

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.2.2

(Released: 21-Aug-2020)

  • Added A notification when the browser does not support long text format
  • Added Customizable string display in the gallery plugin
  • Added Format setting enabled for numeric formula column
  • Added Keyboard shortcut for row locking
  • Added Single Sign On (SSO) login URL
  • Added Single/multiple select options can be imported and exported
  • Fixed Base description dialog UI fix
  • Fixed Collaborator list not including all users in the shared group
  • Fixed Connection frequently lost problem
  • Fixed German and French formula instructions line break issue
  • Fixed Import of semicolon-separated CSV files
  • Fixed Importing problem if there is a point in the table name string
  • Fixed Input ration and text horizontal alignment
  • Fixed Interface crashes when copying an optionless cell
  • Fixed Interface crashes when setting format to unformatted date columns
  • Fixed Plugin not reacting before its js file fully loads
  • Fixed Problems when deleting a department with a common dataset
  • Fixed Right-click menu displayed on the add new row area
  • Fixed Statistics advanced feature error when number column absent
  • Fixed User can set notification rules in a shared base but cannot change or delete these
  • Updated Cancel selection by clicking outside the selected single or multiple rows
  • Updated GridHeaderDropdownMenu rendering logic improvement
  • Updated Password reset notification
  • Updated Real-time notification rules evaluation behavior
  • Updated Single/multiple select background black on mobile devices
  • Updated View sharing UI improvement

Version 1.2.1

(Released: 05-Aug-2020)

  • Added Default configuration for base icons
  • Added Non-modal popup for the renaming of a column
  • Fixed Newly installed plugins disappear after refreshing
  • Fixed Only the last cell can be copied from multiple cells in Excel
  • Fixed Plugin loading problems
  • Updated Operation buttons under mobile terminal

Version 1.2.0

(Released: 01-Aug-2020)

  • Added API for adding view operation
  • Added API for sys-admin to list daily active users
  • Added Batch export files or pictures
  • Added Calendar made as an independent plugin
  • Added Color and icon of bases can be changed for PC and mobile terminals
  • Added Column permission control (Enterprise only)
  • Added Data format validation when copy-pasting dates
  • Added dtable-server API tempo limit function
  • Added Duplicate view function
  • Added E-Mail notification to team members when their password is changed
  • Added Emoji support in dtable_notification
  • Added Independent URLs for calendar and plugins dialogs
  • Added Index to the dtable_notifications created_at
  • Added Notification frequency can be set to when the table is updated
  • Added Organization administrator interface lists off each user’s shared and owned bases
  • Added Organization administrator’s option to forbid base being shared externally
  • Added Organization administrator’s option to send a notification email to newly registered users
  • Added Port to delete row according to its ID in the dtable-store
  • Added Press ESC key to quit multiple select and save choices
  • Added Row locking function (Enterprise only)
  • Added Snapshot restore in the base editor
  • Added Sum display on the histogram after grouping
  • Added Transferring a group to another user
  • Added Use date column (if available) as grouping condition by default
  • Fixed Bases in a group unable to be created as a common dataset
  • Fixed Bug in filtering by time conditions
  • Fixed Column disappearance problem when size is too small
  • Fixed Comment submission button in German and French
  • Fixed Copied and pasted labels become a number in external note software
  • Fixed Data loss problem when changing types
  • Fixed Empty rows ignored by copying and pasting
  • Fixed Empty users bug in departments
  • Fixed Error message missing when drag&dropping a non-image file to the image upload dialog
  • Fixed Expanded dialog editing problem
  • Fixed Export of date column to Excel error if data format illegal
  • Fixed Form UI problems
  • Fixed Inserting column to left or right problem
  • Fixed Interface color unity problem
  • Fixed Linked column type cannot be copied
  • Fixed Menu UI problem when there are many views
  • Fixed Only the first 10 linked cells can be displayed
  • Fixed Picture full-screen display problem in the long text editor
  • Fixed Plugin javascript cache problem
  • Fixed Shift key sticky after entering special symbols
  • Fixed Single/multiple select editor-style problem by adding options under iOS
  • Fixed Statistics chart goes blank after clicking on the delete
  • Removed Comment editing function
  • Removed Spiral removed after condition changing
  • Updated Calendar made as an internal plugin and integrated by default
  • Updated Cell rendering speed optimization by clicking under mobile terminal
  • Updated Date field keyboard usability
  • Updated Dialog style for adding plugins
  • Updated Display optimization for small mobile screens
  • Updated Editor performance utilization by high column number
  • Updated Error message when the row limit exceeds
  • Updated Form style under mobile terminal
  • Updated Interface refresh rate by changing filter/sort/group shortened from 2s to 0.5s
  • Updated Internal plugin optimization, plugin legacy form unified, multiport calling avoidance
  • Updated Mobile terminal row comment UI improvement
  • Updated Open ‚Help‘ in a new tab
  • Updated Organization administrator’s account cannot be deleted
  • Updated Press Command+X keys to cut in the search field
  • Updated Right scroll bar position optimization
  • Updated Single/multiple select label editing button put outside
  • Updated Smooth sliding from one month to the next in calendar plugin
  • Updated Statistics function code rebuild
  • Updated Statistics table detail display style
  • Updated Table header style when deleting a group condition
  • Updated UI and logo update

For more details, please refer to the Release Note 1.2.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.