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Version 2.2

This changelog is only available in English

Version 2.2.6

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Fixed Row number issue when printing a grouped view

Version 2.2.5

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Fixed Bug fixes when the system admin lists external apps
  • Fixed Excel export failure when the table is grouped by multiple layers
  • Fixed External app style issue
  • Updated Search field support for arrow and Enter keys in the base library

Version 2.2.4

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Added Plugin installation count can be shown on the web UI
  • Fixed Using „0“ when resetting auto number
  • Updated „Add new data processing operation“ is positioned below
  • Updated A „+“ is displayed when there’s no record in a grouped view
  • Updated Automation rules can be executed each month
  • Updated Groups are kept after exporting to Excel
  • Updated Notifications loading performance optimization
  • Updated Team members can be listed
  • Updated Text is automatically saved when the interface is scrolled while editing
  • Updated Users can be chosen from a list when sharing a table/view to them
  • Updated Wording improvement in the data processing

Version 2.2.3

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Added A warning shows when there are >=5 pending operations
  • Added Notice text for view sharing and custom sharing
  • Fixed Bug fix in „List views“
  • Fixed Issue when the common dataset is not in the same dtable-server
  • Fixed Issue with custom sharing and view sharing
  • Fixed Mobile terminal form issue
  • Updated API optimization between the dtable-web and dtable-server
  • Updated Button can be used to do data processing
  • Updated dtable-web log improvement
  • Updated Link other records can be undone and redone
  • Updated Mobile terminal support for importing Excel files
  • Updated More Enter key operations
  • Updated Rating column support for rollup average
  • Updated Row details – press Enter to open and select content
  • Updated Search app code rebuilt
  • Updated System admin can list all the external apps

Version 2.2.2

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Added A lock row automation when a certain condition is met
  • Added Option to edit existing data processing operations
  • Fixed Bug fix when adding comments in the dtable-server
  • Fixed Common dataset sync shown as unidentified operation in the logs
  • Fixed Date column issue on the mobile terminal
  • Fixed Form/Data collection table QR code still works after the base has been deleted
  • Fixed Issue with the datedif() function
  • Fixed UI issue when the first column is frozen
  • Updated Admin search user result support for displaying per pages
  • Updated Calendar plugin’s title support for using formula column
  • Updated Cascade single select support for form
  • Updated Data processing operation wording improvement
  • Updated Error message optimization
  • Updated Existing group members are highlighted in the „Add member“ dialogue
  • Updated External app UI improvement
  • Updated No column is selected by default when adding a new group by condition to avoid chaos
  • Updated Press Enter key to save a link in the long text editor

Version 2.2.1

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Added dtable-server proxy support for more APIs
  • Added Option to enter a title manually when printing a view
  • Fixed Common dataset permission issue
  • Fixed Data collection table editing problem on the mobile device
  • Fixed Pressing Enter key won’t confirm adding an option for single/multiple select
  • Fixed Renaming issue when printing a view
  • Fixed Row comment panel „@“ button issue
  • Updated Cascade single select menu improvement
  • Updated Lookup and copy supported column types extension
  • Updated Mobile view of the team admin page optimized
  • Updated Row details : Tab and Shift+Tab keys should be able to iterate over each column
  • Updated Search App UI improvement
  • Updated Time setting optimization in the automation rules
  • Updated Using arrow keys to scroll the page and the Tab and Shift +Tab keys to iterate items

Version 2.2.0

(Released on August 10, 2021)

  • Added Archive-rows API
  • Added Automation Rules
  • Added Cascading single select options
  • Added Email sending log
  • Added External link abuse report feature
  • Added Instruction tooltip for importing and exporting single/multiple select options
  • Added More options for table permission – who can modify or view the table
  • Added Multiple layers of groups in a view
  • Added Permission configuration can_use_automation_rules
  • Added Query API added to the Python SDK
  • Added Rotation button when viewing an image from a file field
  • Fixed Data collection table display issue under mobile view
  • Fixed Drag & fill issue in a grouped view
  • Fixed Duration is inccorect when entered in a form
  • Fixed Filter condition unusable in a unlocked custom shared view
  • Fixed First column cannot be changed into date type if it’s auto number type
  • Fixed if() and dateadd() functions causing empty values
  • Fixed if() and dateadd() functions display issue on the iPhone
  • Fixed Issue with copied „link other records“ cells
  • Fixed Issue with the search feature in the Page design plugin
  • Fixed Operation log style issue
  • Fixed Security settings issue
  • Fixed Space key cannot open the row detail page
  • Fixed Team admin’s workspace_id is not returned when creating a team per API
  • Fixed The + to add a new row is not correctly displayed when the row height is not default
  • Updated „Table permission“ is now „Edit table permission“
  • Updated API to create a table optimized
  • Updated Asset query permission check optimization
  • Updated Auto number increases when pasting content into the table
  • Updated Batch update links API
  • Updated Better usability when adding new group members
  • Updated Clean dtable-server logs automatically (keeping only the last 7 days)
  • Updated CSV and Excel import optimized
  • Updated Data processing can add data association automatically
  • Updated Data processing settings can be saved and re-used
  • Updated dtable-server API permission check part code optimization
  • Updated Imported rows count is displayed after importing a CSV
  • Updated Multiple system notifications can be displayed at the same time
  • Updated Notification rules algorithm optimization
  • Updated Row comments are not displayed in external links or view external links
  • Updated Sharing view management dialog UI improvement
  • Updated Sorted admin’s list of data collection tables
  • Updated System notification can be edited
  • Updated Text cell support for editing in line-break mode when the row height is not default
  • Updated Text column’s default value can be set as a special variable
  • Updated Tooltip wording optimization for the first column
  • Updated UI improvement for linking to other records
  • Updated User’s department info can be returned

For more information, read the Release Note for 2.2.
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