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Version 1.6

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.6.5

(Released: 13-Jan-2021)

  • Added Option to disable SSO login users to change their password
  • Fixed Problem when calculating across tables
  • Fixed View sharing bug fixes

Version 1.6.4

(Released: 12-Jan-2021)

  • Fixed Potential security problem when sharing a view
  • Fixed Problems when embedding a base onto a website
  • Fixed Row re-locking (re-unlocking) problem
  • Updated Improvement of the API request for org-admin to add new groups
  • Updated UI to change the order of single/multiple select options
  • Updated When the org-admin deletes a user their bases will be put into the trash

Version 1.6.3

(Released: 12-Jan-2021)

  • Added Batch replacing
  • Added Files can be saved into Seafile drive
  • Added Independent URL for „All notifications“ dialog in the base editor
  • Fixed Activities permission bugs
  • Fixed Attachments request under customized sharing permission bugs
  • Fixed Auto-fill problems when text includes numbers
  • Fixed Compatibility problem of the lookup() function
  • Fixed Conditional formatting problem with time conditions
  • Fixed Form submission feedback message not centered
  • Fixed Interface display problem when deleting a filter condition
  • Fixed Pie charts export excludes the labels
  • Fixed Problems in the linked 1:n situation
  • Fixed Scripts error message overflows the interface
  • Fixed Special symbols in the base name could cause table loss
  • Fixed Submission button problem after correcting invalid email address
  • Removed Mobile terminal statistics settings removed
  • Updated Compatibility improvement for transferring null data between link and formula column types
  • Updated Duration type input support for Chinese colon symbol
  • Updated Formula column can be created in an empty table
  • Updated General notification improvement
  • Updated Improvements for email notifications
  • Updated Map and Gallery plugin improvements
  • Updated Mobile terminal interface re-design
  • Updated Notification details style improvement
  • Updated Press Enter key to save form name
  • Updated Read-only shared user can preview PDF online
  • Updated Reinforcement of the scripts editor
  • Updated Saving file to Seafile: UI improvement
  • Updated Statistics UI improvements
  • Updated UI to change the order of hidden columns conforms with the change of view orders
  • Updated Unified usage of dtable_uuid in the SeaTable API request
  • Updated User can „Download all“ attachments in a shared view
  • Updated When duplicating tables, the linked records can also be copied

Version 1.6.2

(Released: 06-Jan-2021)

  • Added Date() function
  • Added Descriptions of the operators in the formula editor
  • Added Quoting formulas across tables
  • Fixed Batch operation (delete, drag to fill) to linked column fields triggers an error message
  • Fixed Error when exporting a base to Excel
  • Fixed Interface crashes when deleting a table
  • Fixed Security problem fixes with some API requests
  • Removed Verification of the file existence

Version 1.6.1

(Released: 06-Jan-2021)

  • Added IFS() function
  • Added URLs for details on the „All notifications“ dialog
  • Fixed Number conformity problem between form’s and base’s number editors
  • Fixed Print preview not showing grouping labels if they are numbers or linked fields
  • Updated Optimization of the expanded formula editing dialog

Version 1.6.0

(Released: 06-Jan-2021)

  • Added „Tell A Friend“ link and page
  • Added Attachments management
  • Added Autofill by numbers when numbers are included in texts
  • Added Comments preview in the notification
  • Added Customizable email notifications
  • Added DateDif() function to calculate the difference between two dates
  • Added Duration column type
  • Added Email column type
  • Added Eomonth() function to return the end of a month within a given time period
  • Added Export function of statistics figures
  • Added Feedback to executing scripts
  • Added Form support for the duration field type
  • Added Formula editor gives an explanation of why a formula is invalid
  • Added getAccountInfo API to return an account’s org_id
  • Added Invite group members
  • Added Notifying users from a certain column in the notification rules setting
  • Added Rename files with collaborator names in batch download attachment
  • Added Support to embed a base to a website
  • Added Trash bin for bases
  • Fixed Display of numeric values in the Gallery plugin
  • Fixed Display of percentage values in the statistics
  • Fixed Form setting display problem when „&“ is in the name of a base
  • Fixed Grouping problem with the linked column type
  • Fixed Hidden column showing on print preview and row details page
  • Fixed Interface height display problem after deleting rows in a grouped view
  • Fixed Organization administrator API permission issues
  • Fixed Performance issues when copying plenty of cell data
  • Fixed Pictogram for the URL column missing in the Gallery plugin
  • Fixed Potential security problem with certain API requests
  • Fixed Problem when inserting text after a code block in the long text editor
  • Fixed Problems when copying a selected row with Ctrl+C
  • Fixed Problems when selected a text cell and then collapse the group
  • Fixed Statistics crash problem on mobile devices (Normal on PC terminal)
  • Fixed UI problem when moving views and tables
  • Removed Redundant database queries
  • Updated Column type menu
  • Updated Creating base interaction UI improvement
  • Updated Custom sharing permission also available from the base library view
  • Updated Improved search function call with the key combination Ctrl+F
  • Updated Improvement of highlighting in statistics
  • Updated Map plugin improvements
  • Updated Multilingual translation optimization
  • Updated Non-modal display for the Gallery plugin
  • Updated Notices at the top and bottom in the form editor can directly be edited
  • Updated Optimization of page loading speed
  • Updated Page loading optimization with new workspace API
  • Updated Sharing limit of 100 single users a base can be shared to (excluding groups)
  • Updated Sharing permission dialog improvement
  • Updated Sort by numbers when numbers are included in texts
  • Updated SQL query optimization
  • Updated Statistics performance optimization for mobile terminal
  • Updated Statistics user interface
  • Updated View dragging and renaming UI improvement

For further information, refer to the Release Note 1.6.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.