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Version 2.7

The SeaTable Changelog is only available in English.

Since February 2, 2022 the SeaTable-Cloud https://cloud.seatable.io runs on Version 2.7.9. All changes, updates and improvements can be found in this changelog. Read more about this release in the official release-notes of SeaTable 2.7.

Version 2.7.9

  • Fixed Common dataset style (CSS) issue

Version 2.7.8

  • Fixed Issue when exporting a view to Excel on the mobile device
  • Fixed Preview issue when creating a new base from Excel

Version 2.7.7

  • Fixed Advanced statistics plugin figure displaying issues
  • Fixed Base update notification email sending period issue
  • Fixed Common dataset syncing issue when the date column format is not standard
  • Fixed Date format issue in the preview when creating a new base from Excel
  • Fixed Issue when exporting external link to dtable

Version 2.7.6

  • Removed gunicorn_access.log, gunicorn_error.log are removed

Version 2.7.5

(Released on February 2, 2022)

  • Added A foot notice for the common dataset
  • Added Option to change to archive view/normal view
  • Added Russian language support in the calender
  • Fixed Base password feature bug fixes
  • Fixed Column width adjustment issue after multiple columns frozen
  • Fixed Common dataset displays linked single select options as label numbers
  • Fixed Common dataset synchronization issue fix
  • Fixed Group name verification and username modification issues
  • Fixed PDF preview page Reset button issue
  • Fixed Some style and feature issues
  • Fixed Sorting by formula or link column issue in some plugins
  • Updated Error message improvement when exporting more than 1 million cells to Excel
  • Updated Form design page improvement
  • Updated Images can be uploaded into the long text in the form by anonymous users
  • Updated Optimize the code to export a view to Excel
  • Updated System admin’s group>bases list information optimization
  • Updated Table’s name cannot contain / and \
  • Updated Team admin can list groups‘ bases
  • Updated View menu display style optimization

Version 2.7.4

(Released on February 2, 2022)

  • Added Form support for setting up a background image
  • Fixed Calender print issue if the start of week is set to Monday
  • Fixed Deduplication and data processing auto add link performance issue
  • Removed Remove ‚T‘ from the log’s time format
  • Updated No more than 500 columns can be imported from CSV
  • Updated Relevant functions performance optimization for exporting to Excel
  • Updated Space can be used to separate multiple search criteria in the Add link dialogue

Version 2.7.3

(Released on February 2, 2022)

  • Fixed Common dataset filter issues
  • Fixed Row details page focus issue fix
  • Updated „Recently upload“ page optimization
  • Updated Last cell shading improvement when freezing a column

Version 2.7.2

(Released on February 2, 2022)

  • Fixed Performance issue when deleting over 60k rows
  • Fixed Scan QR code to input text in form issue on iOS devices
  • Removed Page Design from the button action
  • Updated Limit of common dataset synchronization is 50000 records
  • Updated networkdays() function optimization

Version 2.7.1

(Released on February 2, 2022)

  • Added A confirmation when the system admin deletes a team
  • Added Statistics table can be exported as an image
  • Fixed Daily base update email issue
  • Fixed Filter condition multiple selecting issue on the common dataset view
  • Fixed Performance issue when de-selecting over 60k rows
  • Updated Cell conditional formatting UI improvement
  • Updated Common dataset improvement
  • Updated Empty rows in Excel won’t be imported into SeaTable
  • Updated Mobile view support for setting row height
  • Updated Notification email sending period is configurable
  • Updated Query app date result format improvement
  • Updated Query app optimization
  • Updated Row details page focus color and multiple select style optimization
  • Updated Single/multiple select filter conditions optimization
  • Updated System admin’s API request to delete personal users cannot be used to delete team users

Version 2.7.0

(Released on February 2, 2022)

  • Added A confirmation when adjusting column width on the mobile view
  • Added Archived data status display in the system admin panel
  • Added Base password
  • Added Cell conditional formatting (Coloring)
  • Added Confirmation for deletion of rows on an archived view
  • Added Data processing – ranking calculation
  • Added Default value for date column type
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts to switch to the previous/next search result
  • Added Notice when there’s no plugins/external apps in the base
  • Added Scan QR code to fill in text on the form with your mobile device
  • Added Support to update the statistics results into a table
  • Added System admin can view each external app’s external page
  • Added Team admin can enforce/deactivate 2FA for each individual member
  • Added Type-to-seach feature when mentioning other users with @ in the row comment
  • Fixed Archived view searching issue
  • Fixed Blue mask disappearance issue when clicking on a cell while scrolling groups
  • Fixed Date filter issue
  • Fixed Developer Edition mail sending issue
  • Fixed Duplicating a view won’t copy its settings
  • Fixed Image and file editing style
  • Fixed Image column download and rotation issue
  • Fixed Issue that the average calculation on the bottom is always null
  • Fixed Issue when deleting all records in a grouped view
  • Fixed Issue when restoring a deleted link cell
  • Fixed Issue with the statistics table if the summarization column is a date type
  • Fixed Rating column issue when setting up color conditions
  • Fixed Row details page focus issue
  • Fixed Search feature cannot highlight results in the locked columns
  • Fixed Undoing a change to a link cell with Ctrl+Z impossible
  • Fixed Vertical line display issue when no column in the view is frozen
  • Fixed Wording issue when the system admin deletes an invalid automation rule
  • Removed „Export view to Excel“ from the data collection table
  • Removed Favicon configuration from the admin page
  • Updated A base can have no more than 300 collaborators
  • Updated Archived records can be modified/deleted
  • Updated Common dataset sync improvement
  • Updated Freezing multiple columns on the left
  • Updated Link columns and link formula can be displayed on a common dataset
  • Updated Mobile view bottom right round button menu improvement
  • Updated Notification/automation rule can notify users from the link formula column
  • Updated Performance boost when there are over 1000 bases in a workspace
  • Updated Special characters handling when importing a base
  • Updated Statistics numeric column support for the lookup type
  • Updated System admin can list all the archived bases (But cannot view them)
  • Updated User choice UI improvement

For detailed information about the major updates, see Release Note for 2.7.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.