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Version 1.5

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.5.2

(Released: 7-Dec-2020)

  • Added API call to batch delete rows
  • Added Filter conditions can be set to a read-only view
  • Added String validation function in the notification rule settings
  • Added System-wide notification
  • Fixed Bugs when scrolling the grouped view
  • Fixed Groupby labels not displayed on the print preview
  • Fixed Link column information corrupt when duplicating a table
  • Fixed Performance problem when copying mass data from Excel into SeaTable
  • Fixed Performance problem with „Mark all read“ in the base library
  • Updated „Add a base“ menu improvement on the mobile terminal
  • Updated „Download all“ function with option to batch rename files
  • Updated Linking column dialog shows more information and is keyboard friendly
  • Updated Optimized the way to call one-time script tasks
  • Updated Sharing dialog UI on the mobile terminal

Version 1.5.1

(Released: 27-Nov-2020)

  • Added Abuse report (when activated)
  • Added Advanced „Download all“ function
  • Added Organization administrator API call to add groups and manage group members
  • Added Possibility to lock multiple rows with multiple selections
  • Fixed Create column popover position problem
  • Fixed CSV import problem with capital letters in the suffix
  • Fixed Filtering animation under grouped view
  • Fixed Long text editor problems
  • Fixed Performance problem with statistics function
  • Fixed The plug-ins panel and scripts panel can be closed when clicking on other buttons
  • Removed Organization administrator invites user per email
  • Removed The ‚once every 5 minutes‘ limitation for notification rules „When record meets a condition“
  • Updated In the formula editor user can press Enter to confirm the input
  • Updated Logics by changing the user’s contact email
  • Updated The text() function will use ’number‘ format by default

Version 1.5.0

(Released: 27-Nov-2020)

  • Added A „conditions“ parameter to getRows function in the SeaTable Scripts
  • Added An id_in_org string in the organization user’s profile
  • Added Customizable sharing permissions
  • Added Form customizable submitting message and redirect link
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts introduction in the long text editor
  • Added Numbers accuracy setting
  • Added Some base templates are added on the first-time login
  • Added User can customize their sharing permissions with API calls
  • Fixed API call not exporting the images in the base description
  • Fixed Base icon editing dialog UI problems
  • Fixed Column permission setting problems on mobile devices
  • Fixed Crash problems when creating new bases / new groups
  • Fixed Exporting problems when a linked formula field results in a label
  • Fixed Filter animation problems in grouped view
  • Fixed Images sometimes cannot be viewed in full size in the long text editor
  • Fixed Linked column display problem when the link is determined with an if() clause
  • Fixed Linked records display problem on the row details page
  • Fixed Problems when a view is grouped by linked columns
  • Fixed Problems when transferring a group
  • Fixed Problems with groupby and statistics with creator or last modifier fields
  • Fixed Problems with statistics
  • Fixed Program becomes slow when selecting and deleting more than 10000 rows
  • Fixed Timeline plugin dragging not stable and speedy problem
  • Updated Cell rendering improvement
  • Updated Collaborator username and ID transfer handling in the scripts
  • Updated Collaborator’s name can be copied from a text
  • Updated Database slow query improvements
  • Updated Drag&drop performance improvement
  • Updated Map plugin remembers the last-time position when opening
  • Updated Mobile terminal improvement for creating a new column and changing the column type
  • Updated Mobile terminal improvement for table interactions
  • Updated Non-modal dialogs for creating a new column and changing the column type
  • Updated Non-modal dialogs for single/multiple select option editor
  • Updated Notification rule improvements
  • Updated Notifications when a user is added as a collaborator
  • Updated Organization administrator resetting user password notification wording improvement
  • Updated Python script can be run on a daily basis and writes an activity log
  • Updated Rolling effect improvement for multiple select cells
  • Updated Statistics charts library upgraded
  • Updated The permission to lock column headings is limited to the table’s owners/administrators
  • Updated The summary „count“ in the rollup() function returns 0 if no fitting record was found
  • Updated Touching the long text cell will open a preview on mobile devices
  • Updated User can now change their contact email
  • Updated User customizable form page title

For more details, refer to the Release Note for SeaTable 1.5.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.