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Version 1.0

This changelog is only available in English

Version 1.0.2

(Released: Middle June 2020)

  • Added Webhook when adding new organization member
  • Fixed Chargebee account problem

Version 1.0.1

(Released: Early June 2020)

  • Added User role contains row limit
  • Fixed Comment input field clearing issue
  • Fixed Dates inputing issues on iOS devices
  • Fixed Export fails when accented characters are in a view’s name
  • Fixed Interface crash problem when changing items inside group
  • Fixed Issues when filtering ‚Created‘ or ‚Modified‘ columns
  • Fixed Long text focus lost when auto saving
  • Fixed Operation invalid when selecting and moving multiple columns
  • Fixed Problems when generating dtable from a CSV
  • Fixed Rule scan problem
  • Fixed Snapshot menu background color transparent
  • Fixed Text input issues in comments under Firefox browser
  • Updated Automatic view notification improved
  • Updated Date input format unified with field format
  • Updated Formula descriptions
  • Updated Internal Server Error message
  • Updated Notice by user searching improved
  • Updated Organization administrator setting page improved

Version 1.0.0

(Released: End of May 2020)

  • Added 2-factor authentication enforcement
  • Added 2-factor authentication support
  • Added API documentation for administrators to create an organization
  • Added API to obtain user information
  • Added API to submit forms to dtable-server
  • Added Chargebee integration
  • Added Comments support pictures
  • Added Custom URL for external links
  • Added Display info from linked tables using dot-notation
  • Added Error message when deleting a table that is linked to another table
  • Added Error message when export in .dtable file fails
  • Added ESC-key closes long text editor
  • Added Filtering, grouping and sorting over formula columns
  • Added Function rollup
  • Added Function text to transfer numbers into text
  • Added Listing of current row quota on the administrator’s interface
  • Added Missing spiral when comment list updates while switching columns
  • Added Password protection and expiration for invitation links
  • Added Point as decimal separator in number column
  • Added Record row number of each table in a database
  • Added SeaTable Docker 1.0.0
  • Added Show details of sharing users in sharing dialog
  • Added Show details of sharing users in the base library
  • Added Show group members when clicking on member number
  • Added Summary fields (average, max and min) at the bottom of the page
  • Added Summary fields (average, max and min) in the grouping header
  • Added Tab-key skips to next cell in form view
  • Added Team administrator can access account administration
  • Added Thumbnails in image columns
  • Fixed Administrator’s logs include irrelevant entries
  • Fixed Autocompletition in single & multiple select columns case sensitive
  • Fixed Average calculation in staticstics includes empty cells
  • Fixed Comment security line problem
  • Fixed Data loss when transfering texts into single selects
  • Fixed Dragging to upload multiple files under MacOS problem
  • Fixed dtable-update-sender error handling
  • Fixed Form submitting problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed Grouping and filtering lists display problem
  • Fixed Grouping head label font color problem
  • Fixed Image upload problem
  • Fixed Link updating problem when closing row details module
  • Fixed Long text entering and returning problem in form view
  • Fixed Long text opening problem
  • Fixed Mobile form page not displaying form note
  • Fixed Number entering problem on mobile devices
  • Fixed Organization administrator unable to set a user as inactive
  • Fixed Problem when pressing Shift key to choose rows
  • Fixed Problems with the search function
  • Fixed Seafile connection file deletion problem
  • Fixed Space key shortcut problem
  • Fixed Streching problem of the last item in form view
  • Fixed Verification code entering problem on mobile settings
  • Removed Favicon customization
  • Removed Limit validation when creating a department
  • Updated Arrow keys to iterate collaborators and linked records
  • Updated Arrow keys to iterate single or multiple selects
  • Updated Consistent behavior of Enter key in different dialogs
  • Updated Display group details on the group listing page
  • Updated Double click to enter editing mode on mobile devices
  • Updated Error message when joining an organization
  • Updated File upload code
  • Updated Focus automatically given to a newly created column cell
  • Updated Form filling behavior on mobile devices
  • Updated Frontend rules for automatic view notification
  • Updated Geolocation column hidden by default
  • Updated HttpOperation simplified
  • Updated Notification when opening a message
  • Updated Organization administrator interface on mobile devices
  • Updated Organization name display optimized
  • Updated Plugins‘ update enabled in the Plugins Market
  • Updated Statistics and search component code
  • Updated Text aligned right in number columns
  • Updated View notification rules
  • Updated Wider ‚Hide columns‘ menu

For more details, please refer to the Release Note 1.2.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.