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Version 2.4

This changelog is only available in English

Version 2.4.6

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Added Administrator’s API request to access base notifications
  • Updated Multiple images can be uploaded from the mobile view
  • Updated The size of .dtable export file is configurable in the system administration

Version 2.4.5

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Fixed Mobile device file column uploading issue

Version 2.4.4

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Added Visit a URL to automatically create a base from a template
  • Fixed Bug when changing a linked column into an unsupported type
  • Updated Search box interaction optimization
  • Updated SQL plugin result table optimization: support for link, link formula, and formula column types

Version 2.4.3

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Added A limit that a workspace cannot have more than 500 bases
  • Added Button action to generate a PDF and save it into a cell
  • Added Create a new table with an Excel file
  • Added New condition „Records added“ in the automation/notification rules
  • Added Role filter for the system administrator’s API call to list teams
  • Fixed Bug when changing a linked column into an unsupported type
  • Fixed Bug when deleting a file
  • Fixed Copying & pasting issue of long text cells from an archived view
  • Fixed Custom logo cannot be added to the form
  • Fixed Excel import bug fixes
  • Fixed Filter condition „is none of“ support for multiple choice
  • Fixed Filter font color issue
  • Fixed Geolocation longitude/latitude issue
  • Fixed Issue when pasting multiple rows to the end of a group
  • Fixed List editing issue
  • Fixed Long text editor issue
  • Fixed Mouse scroll slow issue in the latest Chrome version
  • Fixed Mouse shouldn’t be shown as a hand when moved over the common dataset entries
  • Fixed Operation log long text displaying issue
  • Fixed Pressing the down arrow key won’t scroll the list in the collaborator selection
  • Fixed Search feature issue in the archived view
  • Fixed Statistics figure Y-axis display problem with collaborators quoted by a link formula column
  • Fixed Summary won’t update when added a new row in a grouped view
  • Fixed The sharing dialogue’s background is transparent under list view on the mobile device
  • Updated Automation rules sending email support for multiple recipients
  • Updated Gallery external app UI improvement
  • Updated Multiple select options export improvement
  • Updated SQL query plugin and external query app support for the lookup type

Version 2.4.2

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Added API interface to delete single/multiple select options
  • Fixed Form deadline saving issue in the Safari browser
  • Fixed Issue when pasting text into date fields
  • Fixed Org admin backend user-admins display issue
  • Fixed Row detail page operation logs issue when showing long texts
  • Updated Data processing auto add link support for more equal conditions
  • Updated Date column filter condition drop-down menu improvement
  • Updated Display creator, created time, etc. in the data collection table

Version 2.4.1

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Added A clearer instruction when setting up a button to open a URL
  • Added A tip for the email sending log in the system admin panel
  • Added New records can be imported from Excel
  • Added Python execution count in the „More“ menu above the personal settings
  • Fixed Issue when dragging a row from one group to another if the view is sorted
  • Fixed Issues with some keyboard shortcuts
  • Removed Pinned view list from the data collection table
  • Updated An archived view can be exported to Excel
  • Updated API request to create a new table can also customize the first columns
  • Updated External query page supports double row height and row details page
  • Updated Formula column always has format settings and can re-detect the result type
  • Updated Images in .tiff format can be previewed
  • Updated Link column string is customizable in a form
  • Updated Link columns can be displayed on an archived view

Version 2.4.0

(Released on October 18, 2021)

  • Added A „no calculation“ option for the row summary methods
  • Added A lock label to the table name when its permission is „No one can edit“
  • Added Automation rules trigger count in the sys admin’s statistics page (self-hosted)
  • Added Conditional formatting option to highlight duplicated records
  • Added Data processing: Calculate percentage
  • Added External gallery app
  • Added File upload dialogue can list and select recently uploaded items
  • Added Long text preview from the operation logs on the mobile device
  • Fixed Animation effect fix when deleting the last row in a group
  • Fixed Automation rule permission issue
  • Fixed Button color selector issue
  • Fixed Collective bug fixes for the advanced statistics plugin
  • Fixed Copy base issue when the copying takes a longer time
  • Fixed Date fields printing issue when the row height is double
  • Fixed Date issue on the iPhone and Safari browser
  • Fixed External query app time display issue
  • Fixed Issue when exporting to Excel if a column has special symbols in the name
  • Fixed Issue when grouped by collaborators and reconnected to the server
  • Fixed Issue when pasting percentage numbers from Excel
  • Fixed Issue with the scroll bar on an archived view
  • Fixed Issues with the button’s email sending feature
  • Fixed Linking issue when a column is changed into a link column
  • Fixed List view issue of the archived view on mobile devices
  • Fixed Long text cell edit button issue on the mobile device
  • Fixed Long text’s lookup result cannot be opened per double-click
  • Fixed Page design plugin issue for the link column type
  • Fixed Python editor error message wording problem (self-hosted)
  • Removed Archived view removed from the Kanban, Timeline, Deduplication, and Gallery plugin
  • Removed Link column’s option to change column type
  • Updated Activities display improvement for modified rows
  • Updated Add new link UI improvement
  • Updated Archived views can be printed
  • Updated Collective improvements for the advanced statistics plugin
  • Updated Filter conditions auto adjustment for the link formula column
  • Updated Improvements with Chinese punctuation marks in the formula
  • Updated Link column is treated as a special formula column
  • Updated Links linked to other tables can be displayed on SQL and external app’s result page
  • Updated Long text cell renders Markdown under quadruple row height
  • Updated Multiple select options are separated with space when exported to Excel
  • Updated SQL query plugin improvement
  • Updated Team admin can rename the departments in the team (self-hosted)
  • Updated Template can be copied into the library even if a base has the same name
  • Updated Timeline plugin improvements
  • Updated UI improvement for the data query page when there’s no result
  • Updated View list panel can be pinned
  • Updated View re-calculation optimization when there are operations


For detailed information about the major updates, see Release Note for 2.4.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.