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Version 2.5

The SeaTable Changelog is only available in English.

Version 2.5.6

(Released on November 23, 2021)

  • Fixed Row color issue in the Calendar and Timeline plugins
  • Updated Python path in the SeaTable Docker

Version 2.5.5

(Released on November 23, 2021)

  • Fixed dtable data corruption issue when saving

Version 2.5.4

(Released on November 16, 2021)

  • Added PDF print feature on the PDF viewing page
  • Fixed Automation rule scripts execution issue
  • Fixed Excel import issue when the cells contain spaces
  • Fixed Issue with the link formula’s rollup feature with formula quoted single select options
  • Fixed Link column display issue on an external query page
  • Fixed Missing space added on the sharing dialogue’s title
  • Fixed Row marker issue when locking/unlocking multiple rows
  • Fixed View export issue when linked columns are used as filter conditions
  • Updated Data collection table optimization
  • Updated Data processing improvements
  • Updated External apps UI improvement
  • Updated Form improvements on the mobile devices view
  • Updated Form: Long text editing UI optimization
  • Updated Rating column improvements on the mobile devices view

Version 2.5.3

(Released on November 16, 2021)

  • Fixed Issue fix when the long text is set to be required in a form
  • Updated Data processing: Accumulate calculation optimization
  • Updated Geographical coordinates in degrees (such as 45°55′23″N 6°52′11″E) can be pasted into a Geolocation cell

Version 2.5.2

(Released on November 16, 2021)

  • Added A pop-over to show the progress when exporting a base
  • Added The name of the linked table is shown on the link column settings panel
  • Fixed Error when locking multiple rows
  • Fixed Formula column support when exporting customized link columns to Excel
  • Fixed Mobile view single select label display issue when the first column is single select
  • Updated Link columns and link formula can be displayed on a view external link page
  • Updated Pasting an image by Ctrl+V is supported in the form

Version 2.5.1

(Released on November 16, 2021)

  • Fixed Bug when exporting customized link column values to Excel
  • Fixed Bug when importing Excel files
  • Fixed Bug when submitting a form that requires a file upload
  • Updated Rating column now has more symbols
  • Updated Suitable filter conditions are passed to a link column’s current type

Version 2.5.0

(Released on November 16, 2021)

  • Added Automation rule run test
  • Added Automation rules: Regular execution support for lock rows
  • Added Automation rules: Scripts execution feature
  • Added Batch delete attachment feature in the attachments management
  • Added Column names with braces ({}) are forbidden
  • Added Function countItems() to count elements in a cell
  • Added isomonth() function in the Python API
  • Added Login session management in the personal settings
  • Added Option to display headers in the gallery external app
  • Added RUNNER_URL file for the Python FaaS scheduler settings
  • Added Search function when choosing user in table/column permission settings
  • Added seatable-api for JavaScript
  • Added Shift+Enter for line break in the row comment
  • Added Support to read-only preview Office files with OnlyOffice
  • Fixed Bus when importing an Excel file into a table that has a long text column
  • Fixed Column name synchronization issue between table and data collection table
  • Fixed Data synchronization issue between formula/link formula result and the plugins
  • Fixed Date string cannot be emptied on the row details page
  • Fixed Duration’s I/O unit issue
  • Fixed Enterprise Edition (local instance) security settings issue
  • Fixed Excel cannot be imported if the name has an & in it
  • Fixed Extra 0 issue in the formula results
  • Fixed Form settings page display issue if the table name is very long
  • Fixed Form text entry drop-down position issue
  • Fixed Geolocation offers Chinese provinces/cities on a form in the cloud.seatable.io
  • Fixed If a number’s value is 0 it will be lost during exporting to Excel
  • Fixed Interface doesn’t automatically scroll when dragging a column to the edge
  • Fixed Issue when changing image or file columns into text type
  • Fixed Issue when saving Activity
  • Fixed Link column dialogue title issue when the table permission is disabled
  • Fixed Link column number and date format display issue
  • Fixed Operation logs issue when restoring a deleted row
  • Fixed Spaces cannot be put into notification/automation rule titles
  • Fixed Summary options not unified when the view is grouped
  • Updated „Email host“ changed into „SMTP host“
  • Updated Automation rules: UI improvement for locking a row
  • Updated Button action settings panel moved to the right as a pop-over
  • Updated Conditional formatting: Coloring rules order can be changed by drag&drop
  • Updated Data processing: Auto add link now supports single select column and multiple link columns between two tables
  • Updated Data processing: Operation sequence and wording optimization
  • Updated Date columns can be summarized on a statistics table
  • Updated Feature optimization to create a base from a template
  • Updated Filter condition editing time-out extended for archived views
  • Updated Find and replace optimization
  • Updated Grouping head unified with the linked column when grouped by a linked column
  • Updated HTML labels are disabled in the form note
  • Updated Improved label color selector when creating single/multiple select options
  • Updated Improvement when the formula calculation result is a column
  • Updated Link column settings are moved into „More settings“
  • Updated Link formula column can be displayed on an archived view
  • Updated Rating column can be used in the formula calculation
  • Updated Rating column should support max, min and average on the bottom summary
  • Updated Rating columns can be created on mobile devices
  • Updated Share to group menu color adjustment
  • Updated Sort handling when the result type is array
  • Updated Special symbols of an image filename will be replaced by ‚-‚ when uploading
  • Updated Table header can be changed on an archived view
  • Updated Toolbar symbol improvement in the mobile view

For detailed information about the major updates, see Release Note for 2.5.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.