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Version 2.3

This changelog is only available in English

Version 2.3.5

(Released on September 10, 2021)

  • Added Advanced statistics plugin
  • Added SQL query plugin
  • Fixed 2FA backup codes not correctly displayed
  • Fixed Archive view dialogue English wording issue
  • Fixed Display issue of multiple options and linked records on the form
  • Fixed Link formula display issue on mobile row detail views
  • Fixed Long text not displayed on the row details page on an archived view
  • Fixed Multiple select dialogue closes after choosing only 1 option
  • Removed Lock row option from the data collection table
  • Updated Add link dialogue filters out the already linked records
  • Updated Scripts symbol in the system administrator’s control panel changed

Version 2.3.4

(Released on September 1, 2021)

  • Fixed Issues when leaving a share/stopping sharing
  • Fixed Link-formula quoted image printing issue
  • Updated Display support for the long text on an archived view
  • Updated Formula can automatically update a column’s name when it’s changed


Version 2.3.3

(Released on September 1, 2021)

  • Fixed Archived view „Load more“ button wording issue
  • Fixed External query app’s settings page issue
  • Fixed Group label issue when exporting a grouped view to Excel
  • Fixed Group label shown as text from linked single/multiple options
  • Fixed Issue with the coloring in the conditional formatting
  • Fixed Language auto-recognition issue
  • Fixed More than 10 linked records can be displayed on the row details page and on the mobile devices
  • Fixed Page design issue when exporting to PDF
  • Removed Group admin’s „Leave group“ option
  • Updated A map pops up when double-clicking on a longitude-latitude Geolocation cell on a read-only view
  • Updated Formula column also supports the filter condition „is current user’s ID“
  • Updated Statistics support for the archived view

Version 2.3.2

(Released on September 1, 2021)

  • Added Batch delete rows API in the Python SDK
  • Added Button feature: Open a website
  • Added Cascade settings API in the Python SDK
  • Added Script to migrate a base from Airtable to SeaTable
  • Fixed Automation/notification rules watched columns issues
  • Fixed Cell selection issue when the current row is selected
  • Fixed Conditional formatting issue when adding a new row below a colored row
  • Fixed Issue when creating a new base by importing Excel/CSV in a folder
  • Fixed Issue when grouping after selecting several cells
  • Fixed LDAP login issue fix
  • Fixed Link column issue when the view is sorted by formula, link formula or link column
  • Fixed Row details page updates in real-time on the mobile device
  • Fixed Row link still exists after a row has been deleted
  • Fixed Table permission dialogue wording issue
  • Fixed The sum in the groups bottom is missing on the printing view
  • Fixed Unknown collaborators couldn’t be individually deleted
  • Removed Comment and logs removed from the view external link
  • Updated Archiving API optimization
  • Updated Data processing: Table and view can be selected when calculating cumulative or delta
  • Updated dateadd() function can judge if the result includes minutes
  • Updated Docker image Nginx offers dtable-db API directly
  • Updated Form notifications on the mobile devices support for tap-to-open
  • Updated Image preview in the query app supports zoom in/out
  • Updated Query app can display the file column and support for file download
  • Updated Statistics support for sorted display
  • Updated Support for online PPT and Excel file preview

Version 2.3.1

(Released on September 1, 2021)

  • Added Columns can be duplicated
  • Added Default values can be used in the form submission
  • Fixed Base restoring issue when a group member is deleted
  • Fixed Creator and modifier column data transfer fixes in the notification rules
  • Fixed Date calculation bug in the statistics
  • Fixed Date column data saving issue
  • Fixed Digital signature display issue in the online PDF preview
  • Fixed Edit column permission bug
  • Fixed Link formula’s setting dialogue doesn’t have enough space for setting conditions
  • Removed Comments removed from the external links
  • Removed JavaScript warning when there is a large number of operations
  • Updated A file name can be customized when exporting to PDF
  • Updated Automation rule: Collaborator, creator, and modifier can be notified
  • Updated Columns (except the first) can be changed to any type
  • Updated Error message improvement when scripts execution reaches count limit
  • Updated Histogram (bar plot) support for sorting
  • Updated link-formula and formula columns can be created via API
  • Updated Linked records can be quoted in the formula
  • Updated Long text preview when the mouse hovers over
  • Updated Mobile terminal UI enhancement to switch to plugins
  • Updated Page design plugin can export PDFs
  • Updated Plugins and external apps are merged in the system administrator’s menu
  • Updated Query app support for including parameter q=xxx in the URL to search automatically
  • Updated UI improvement when adding a group member
  • Updated Widgets to enter weekdays and hours in the automation/notification rules settings

Version 2.3.0

(Released on September 1, 2021)

  • Added A detail button for the operation log to show long text cell’s full content
  • Added Advanced statistics plugin
  • Added Data archiving
  • Fixed Activities performance problem
  • Fixed Bug in the link formula
  • Fixed Calendar plugin bug fixes
  • Fixed Common dataset single select column synchronization issue
  • Fixed Common dataset style issue
  • Fixed Formula quoted links display issue when row height is not default
  • Fixed Issue when adding single/multiple select options in the automation rules
  • Fixed Issue with the plugins panel
  • Fixed Link column issue on a shared view
  • Fixed Numbers can be written into a text column per API
  • Fixed Row URL copied from a shared view has a wording error
  • Fixed Single select option filter condition menu issue
  • Fixed Table menu doesn’t close automatically
  • Fixed When the data collection table contains link columns the interface could crash
  • Updated A view can be archived
  • Updated Activities UI improvements
  • Updated Admin can list all automation rules in the system
  • Updated Automation rule/notification rule: Submit and Cancel button instead of autosave
  • Updated Batch update row performance enhancement
  • Updated Behavior of the „+“ button on the mobile devices
  • Updated Button editor’s text input dialog improved
  • Updated Cascade single select can be created via API
  • Updated Deduplication plugin can delete the first or the last duplicated records
  • Updated Deduplication plugin support for the single select column
  • Updated The first column can be single select
  • Updated Formula calculation support for up to 5 layers of tables
  • Updated Group, sort, and filter performance utilization
  • Updated Hidden column setting UI improved on the mobile devices
  • Updated Library position can be remembered when going back to it from a base with the browser’s back button
  • Updated Link formula and formula columns can be created via API
  • Updated List rows near the deadline in notification rules improved
  • Updated Mobile terminal support for sharing a view
  • Updated Newly added single/multiple select options can choose different colors automatically
  • Updated No pre-selected column when adding a new sorting condition
  • Updated Notification rules that haven’t been triggered for the last half a year are marked invalid
  • Updated Password can be shown on the login mask
  • Updated Performance enhancement for batch deleting rows operation
  • Updated Plugin development instructions store update
  • Updated Query app improvement for the mobile terminal
  • Updated Query app supports fuzzy string matching
  • Updated Row comment @ support for multiple keyboards (languages)
  • Updated Statistics of each external app’s visits
  • Updated Statistics of successful automation rule triggers
  • Updated Statistics table supports multiple numeric columns
  • Updated UI improvement for the archive view
  • Updated Word document can be previewed online


For more details, refer to the Release Note for 2.3.
For comments or questions: We would be glad to welcome you on the SeaTable Forum.